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3 simple steps to prepare for Google’s Mobile First Index … exclusive

3 simple steps to prepare for Google’s Mobile First Index … exclusive

by on October 6, 2018

Article written by Alex of Climbing Trees 

We all knew the day was coming. For quite some time now, Google has been discussing how influential mobile search has become.

First came the revelation back in 2015 that mobile search volume was greater than desktop. The elder-statesmen (desktop) was dethroned, and Google was not just going to sit idly by.

Not too long afterwards came the announcement of a new mobile-first index. The official release was never given a specific date, merely referred to as the beginning of experiments that will eventually lead to a new index.


Events : Enter the inaugural Mobile Retail Awards – five days left

by on March 23, 2013

  • One Week Left to Enter the Mobile Retail Awards

    Posted by David Murphy There is just one week left - in fact, strictly speaking, five days - to enter the inaugural Mobile Retail Awards, taking place immediately after the Mobile Retail Summit on 24 April...

The Mobile Retail Awards have been created to recognise excellence in mobile marketing among the retail community. We have created Awards in 10 categories to salute those retailers who are harnessing the power of the mobile channel most successfully and most effectively. [more…]

Tweet your way to a ‘Mobile Marketing Live’ ticket worth £495 / theMarketingblog special

by on September 26, 2012

There’s some truly excellent stuff going on in the mobile marketing world right now, from cool rich media mobile ads to ageing rock stars using gamification tactics to engage with fans on their handsets. (If you’re wondering who that might be, the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.)

To showcase this stuff, we are running a competition this week, in which the five winners will each walk away with a pair of 2-day conference passes to Mobile Marketing Live, each worth £495.