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NatWest – five key things it needs to do rebuild customer relationships

by on June 30, 2012

As the NatWest disaster continues to spark anger amongst its customers, Mark Smith, Managing Partner at Table19, examines what NatWest needs to do next in order to rebuild customer trust.

Positive customer relationships are fundamental for any business. Establishing a positive relationship with your customers from the beginning, will make them more likely to be forgiving when things go wrong; however when things do go wrong you need to have robust measures in place to manage your company’s image, retain customer loyalty and turn negative scenarios into business opportunities.


RBS, NatWest, Ulster Bank – Banking makes you go blind

by on June 25, 2012

Alan Stevens writes  ..

RBS-NatWest problems: Customer experiences

NatWest – five key things it needs to do rebuild customer relationships

The knock-on effects of the technical meltdown at RBS and its offshoot NatWest may affect credit checks

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Consumers feel positive towards major banks and building societies but… / Creston Unlimited

by on April 4, 2012

Research carried out by branding consultancy Creston Unlimited has identified that, despite the financial meltdown, consumers feel positive towards major consumer-facing financial organisations (banks and building societies), scoring them above average compared to all brands for providing them with Confidence (10% above average – a higher Confidence score than for any market sector).