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How to attract customers to your new online business

How to attract customers to your new online business

by on June 19, 2020

In recent years, online business has become more popular than ever before.

People are finding different ways to grow their business by promoting online and reaching new customers.


3 strategies to get better results from email marketing

3 strategies to get better results from email marketing

by on May 1, 2017

Over the years, email marketing has long been one of the most popular and effective ways to turn both prospective and existing customers into new leads, sales, and profit.

Taking the time to build a strong email list gives you the ability to reach your target audience at any time as most people today have their smartphone or laptop close by, so they can access their email.


Constant Contact survey reveals Daily Deals most effective way to attract new customers

by on April 3, 2013

There is plenty of controversy surrounding daily deals and how they affect small businesses.

The negatives surrounding daily deals include the potential to attract one-time customers, rather than repeat, long term and referral guests. Written by Megan Bildner - DDM

However, a survey done by Constant Contact puts this theory on the chopping block. In the recent study by the marketing company 53 of the businesses surveyed agreed that daily deals were listed as the most effective way to attract new customers.

The Constant Contact survey, which focused on the most effective ways to drive customer engagement, reveals the attitudes of 1,305 participants. Check this previous Constant Contact article [more…]

75% of companies say they plan to adopt mobile within the next year /StrongMail

by on May 23, 2012

StrongMail, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for email, mobile and social media engagement, today announced the results of its “StrongMail Mobile Marketing Survey 2012.”

The survey showed strong and growing adoption for a wide range of standalone and integrated mobile marketing programmes; however, lack of resources and strategy were also identified as the key challenges holding businesses back from embracing mobile marketing. Conducted in April 2012, more than 800 business leaders participated in the global survey.