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Why social sales people need to stop Googling & start @Nimble ing

by on August 18, 2014

New Nimble Social Selling App Delivers Relationship IQ | Enjoy - Really Fresh 'Social Business' News |

Nimble continues to add value to your Social Selling workflow. Social Selling signals, messages and notifications are invaluable to today’s social seller. With


Overwhelmed by email and social mentions? This tool tames both

by on June 5, 2014


“In the cotton industry, it’s the supply chain that needs to be cleaned up” A.M. Custom Clothing

by on May 5, 2014

Getting On Board with Google Apps and Nimble. A.M. Custom Clothing is the leading environmentally and ethically certified custom clothing company @am_custom in the UK.
Focused not only on revenue but also motivated by a desire for a healthy planet, co-founder Alex Franklin makes it a priority to achieve certification by external watchdog organizations. 


Be Nimble. Everywhere you work

by on April 23, 2014


“Before Nimble, tracking and managing relationships was like herding cats”

by on March 18, 2014


Are you interested in quadrupling deals with Nimble CRM?

by on February 28, 2014


“We’re on social overload and it isn’t pretty” : Nimble CRM Blog

by on February 25, 2014

The Nimble CRM Blog carried this article by Kathy Klotz-Guest ...

Marketing has always been about people. Yet, it’s a pretty un-human marketing explosion out there. There is too much content and jargon-laden stuff chasing too little mindshare. In 2010, Google’s then CEO, Eric Schmidt, proclaimed that there is more content created every two days than in all of human history up through 2003. More recently, IBM stated that 90% of content today was created in the last two years alone.

The annual Edelman Trust Barometer continues to show a steady decline in customer trust of companies. And along with the decline in trust, we have a growing deficit in attention span. We’re on social overload and it isn’t pretty.


How Nimble “automagically” pulls together contacts, calendar, communications, and social signals into one place

by on January 3, 2014

Alyson Button Stone writes ....

For Kurt Shaver of The Sales Foundry, Nimble has quickly established itself as his favorite Social Relationship Manager. Recently he interviewed our CEO, Jon Ferrara. Highlights of the interview include:

  • Learn how to leverage the 5 “E”s of social business
  • The benefits of empowering social employee
  • What Jon sees for the future of social selling tools and techniques
  • How Nimble “automagically” pulls together contacts, calendar, communications, and social signals into one place
  • How sellers can “walk in the digital footprint” of prospects
  • What social app is the best for learning what someone cares about
  • Listen to the full interview here (31:44)


Nimble: Best new tool for sales process and CRM management | The Whale Hunters

by on December 16, 2013

Barbara Weaver Smith writes  ..  Nobody trusts me with paper, least of all myself! I can lose stuff faster than you an put it on my desk. So I’ve always been an  early adopter of productivity software, especially of programs that live “in the cloud.”


Nimble CRM’s social engagement solution is extraordinary

by on November 16, 2013