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Olympic Games

‘Brand of Gold’ The Olympic Brand / Rob Coke, Studio Output

‘Brand of Gold’ The Olympic Brand / Rob Coke, Studio Output

by on August 23, 2016

Rob Coke (Group Strategy Director) from Output Group writes ...

Sixteen glorious days after they opened, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have closed. ‘Open’ and ‘closed’. That's also how the Economist recently described the new fault lines in international politics.

No longer about left and right, the outlook of politicians – and nations – is defined by whether they are welcoming and open-armed, or protective and closed-borders. Progressive or regressive. [more…]

Eurostar – Strong post-Olympic boost with traffic up 5% in quarter 4

by on March 25, 2013

Eurostar reports an operating profit of £52.3 million in 2012, up from £25.0 million in 2011

·       Passenger numbers grew 2% year-on-year to 9.9 million (2011: 9.7 million) with particularly good growth in travellers from outside EU - up 8% year-on-year

·       Strong post-Olympic boost with traffic up 5% in quarter 4
·       Positive performance delivers operating profit of £52.3 million up from £25.0 million in 2011
·       Sales revenues broadly flat at £799 million (2011: £803 million)


Study: Brits favour cash, aren’t keen on contactless

by on September 5, 2012

The U.K. continues to demonstrate a lack of appetite for contactless technology; only 17 percent of citizens there think a "cashless future" would make their lives easier.

This statistic comes from a survey published on Friday by U.K. ATM operator Bank Machine. The project included 1,000 subjects who provided a representative sampling of the U.K. population. [more…]

Olympics / ‘Reduced to the status of beggars on the gilded streets of the Olympic movement’ : Ayo Akinto, Oddbins

by on August 2, 2012

As London welcomes the Olympic Games, a slew of brands who aren't official sponsors of the event have attempted to crash the party with guerrilla marketing.

However, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is working fiercely to protect the rights of official sponsors including P&G, McDonald's and Coca-Cola who have spent small fortunes to help foot the bill for the Games, estimated to have cost around $14.4bn.

Adidas, for example, is reported to have paid around $62m to become an official sponsor.


(Video) The Olympic Opening Ceremony featured the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III

by on July 29, 2012

‘Lights’, ‘Camera’ and ‘Action’ don’t even begin to describe the spectacular show which unveiled the London 2012 Olympic Games, billed as the UK's biggest-ever live show. As an official worldwide partner of the Olympic Games, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is proud to not only be associated with the Games, but also featured in the Opening Ceremony.

The behind the scene interviews of the Opening Ceremony can be viewed at:


‘Retailtainment’ / Momentum to handle events at all of ASDA’s UK stores

by on April 11, 2012


The Royal Mail is to issue stamps recognising the achievement of every British gold medal

by on April 7, 2012

For an organisation normally criticised for being too slow, the Royal Mail has set itself an ambitious challenge – to produce a new stamp in less than 24 hours after each gold medal won by British athletes at this year's Olympic Games.