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On-pack promotions

“8 top tips for outstanding on-pack promotions” / PromoVeritas

“8 top tips for outstanding on-pack promotions” / PromoVeritas

by on July 19, 2016

On-pack promotions can create the kind of customer engagement that most CEO’s dream about. And this is why some promoters run the same promotion time after time with great success.  The only problem is that they are incredibly easy to get wrong, so here are our top tips to make sure your on-pack is on point.

1.    Have more than one Star Prize – If someone wins your big prize early on in the campaign it could lose momentum. It is generally best to go for a small number of star prizes alongside a large number of lesser value ones so that you have more winners, and plenty of happier customers. [more…]

“A real threat to our industry” – On-pack promotions could breach Patent and cost a packet

by on December 10, 2014

Brand owners and agencies planning on-pack offers in 2015 need to be aware that their campaigns may be in breach of a European patent which could cost them thousands.

The patent, originally issued to the now extinct online reward scheme, covers the use of codes printed on promotional packs and till receipts or vouchers that is then linked to the ward of a prize or reward.

If the consumer  enters the codes onto a website or via text or post, and once validated, they then have the chance to win a prize or reward this is likely to be a breach of the patent regardless of whether it is an instant win, prize draw or competition mechanic.

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