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Marketing publications & your business: Top tips

Marketing publications & your business: Top tips

by on January 31, 2019

Big brands have a following to match – and sometimes it’s a die-hard following.

Many customers and consumers will be drawn to a brand or business that provides fresh, additional content in the form of editorials and publications, in both digital and print form.


Consumer attitude survey suggests advertising must remain at the heart of media

by on June 10, 2014

CloudSense survey shows ads accepted by consumers as part of free media content ‘deal’

An extensive new survey of consumer attitudes to online advertising and content carried out by international cloud technology company, @cloudsense, underlines the continuing need for advertising to sustain the business model of online publications and websites. Overall, 74% of respondents to the survey currently do not pay to access any digital media sites or apps.

Yet 46% (the most popular reply) said that seeing advertising around content was their preferred way of ‘paying for’ access to content, while 28% are happy to view advertising before reaching content, underlining their acceptance of it in the delivery of media.

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