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How to use B2B data and marketing lists to your advantage

How to use B2B data and marketing lists to your advantage

by on December 1, 2019

It is no secret that the failure or success of your marketing campaigns will be hinging on the quality of your data.

And you wiIl find that when you are in the B2B market, you don’t have quite the same access as B2C marketers might.


Email remarketing case study : We sent this email to a group of 25 people – we were able to save more than 16 bookings

by on November 17, 2013

Case Study from Hurtigruten Email remarketing is powerful!

People who abandon your online order process almost purchased from you. Research shows that on average, you have 90 minutes to contact the customer if you want to complete the sale. Otherwise, they are likely to forget about you or shop elsewhere.

At Hurtigruten, we received a copy of every online booking to our mailbox. This helped us quickly see which cruises were selling, where the bookings came from, average number of passengers, etc. Having copies of the booking also gave us access to see when a booking was started but not finished.

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