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PETA actually submitted this ad to the Super Bowl … wow

by on March 2, 2018


PR : PETA tricks Londoners into drinking ‘dog’s milk’ in new stunt

by on November 24, 2016


PETA actually submitted this NSFW ad to the Super Bowl. Wow

by on June 19, 2016


Pamela Anderson poses in shower to stop California drought

by on May 22, 2015

The actress recreates the shower scene from Psycho at age 47 See on

The 47-year-old former Baywatch actress recreated the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho in a photograph taken for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


Name of Thrones, PETA, Giant iTab, Internet Retailing, Cadbury, SMX London 2015, Hotcow, Just Eat – theMarketingblog

by on April 25, 2015


PETA – Thought-provoking video challenge calling for people to make a stand and spread its anti-fur message

by on April 22, 2015

Presenting a new collaboration between PETA and the world's first challenge based app, FightMe, to launch an online anti fur protest.


PETA : The one about Helena and a giant tuna

by on February 21, 2015


Helena Bonham Carter Gets Naked With A Giant Tuna

It's no longer news when a celebrity gets naked in support of something, particular PETA. But this work, featuring a very naked Helena Bonham Carter...and a tuna, is a bit different.

Sure it's for a cause. A good one, in fact. Called Fishlove, the campaign, something Carter's friend Greta Scacchi is behind, calls attention to over fishing. [more…]

Protest time news : “100 PETA supporters lay nearly nude in a heap in Trafalgar Square”

by on November 1, 2014

Around 100 PETA supporters lay nearly nude in a heap in Trafalgar Square today in order to encourage passers-by to have compassion for the billions of animals who are slaughtered for their flesh as part of the meat and fishing industries every year. More volunteers were on hand to pass out copies of PETA's vegan starter kit.

For more information or to order a free vegan starter kit, please click here or visit [more…]

PETA has been slammed for objectifying women / NSFW

by on September 19, 2014


Blunders : 3 daft PR stunts that went embarrassingly wrong including ‘Steal my identity!’

by on May 11, 2013

Even the largest and most high profile companies suffer from PR disasters when stunts go wrong. Bill Gates accidentally released thousands of live mosquitoes into a crowd of celebrities who had paid $2000 each to be there, Sony included a dead goat in one of their game launches which naturally horrified a lot of people. It is a risky business trying out a publicity stunt.

It can pay off, of course, and lead to a lot of good attention to light up your inbound sales dialer with new business -but here are three examples of how it can go badly wrong: