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New plastic free kids mag launches as schools demo on Climate Change

New plastic free kids mag launches as schools demo on Climate Change

by on February 18, 2019

As school kids around the UK voted with their feet and walked out of school last Friday to voice their concerns about Climate Change - a new plastic free magazine was launching in the UK for 5-10 year olds called Munch Cats!  


Latest : They are now claiming sex does not sell – this oldie but goldie case study proves them wrong

by on July 25, 2015

Wednesday was a dark day in advertising. In agencies around the globe, creative teams binned reams of campaign ideas in teary-eyed dismay. Got to get rid of that buns-as-breasts billboard, it’ll never sell burgers.

For decades, adland has been a proud proponent of sex; it may be morally dubious but goddamit it flogs things.

It seems, however, that the Mad Men may have been shooting blanks all these years: a shocking new study has found that ads with violent or sexual content actually decrease advertising effectiveness.

All is not lost - we at theMarketingblog dug out this 2011 example which somewhat knocks the new research into the long grass with its 65% increase in sales for Figleaves. Go to more for the story.


‘Wash Cut Trim – Time for a spot of Spring grooming’ / STIHL

by on March 22, 2012

STIHL, is investing £1m in a major seasonal sales promotion campaign for the UK market to drive footfall and sales across its network of over 600 specialist STIHL Dealerships.