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PR : Deliveroo recreates iconic photograph

by on August 25, 2018


Check the latest award winning Clareville PR Newsletter

by on August 7, 2018

Check the latest award winning Clareville PR Newsletter

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PR : “Sad to report no extra Peri Peri for the Tories”

by on May 22, 2018

  • Tories have mulled idea of Nando's discount cards to draw in younger members

  • Restaurant chain has flatly rejected the prospect saying it does not do politics

  • Senior Conservatives say party risks irrelevance if it does not broaden appeal 

  • "This smacks of incompetence on so many levels..."


Thought leadership boosts B2B sales … Exclusive from Mikko Nurmimaki

Thought leadership boosts B2B sales … Exclusive from Mikko Nurmimaki

by on March 2, 2018

Thought Leadership Boosts B2B Sales

Sure, but how do you become perceived as a leader?

Thought Leadership has become one of the most fundamental concepts of marketing and sales in the B2B technology industries. Its popularity has been growing rapidly over the years.

Mikko Nurmimaki is a technology marketing entrepreneur and the founder of Grip marketing and PR agency.


Seven ways that PR can help to maximise ROI from exhibitions …Clareville PR

by on February 3, 2018


Movers and Groovers : No more “nose bleed costs” – Harry Lang has arrrived

by on January 6, 2018

Harry Lang, formerly marketing director at Pinnacle, has launched a new added value consultancy for the gaming industry.

‘Brand Architects’ will provide bespoke brand development, channel marketing and PR services to gaming operators and B2B providers.  Lang has a wealth of experience in the sector, having also worked for the likes of WMS, and Rank Group. [more…]

Clever PR for Warwick Rowers – their calendar is banned

by on December 5, 2017


Sleaze blunder : Bell Pottinger expelled from trade body for South African campaign

by on September 4, 2017

The penalty follows a controversial media campaign in South Africa that "incited racial hatred".

Embattled public relations firm Bell Pottinger has had its membership of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) terminated.

In a press statement embargoed for 01:00 on Tuesday, September 5, the UK-based PRCA announced that Bell Pottinger would not be eligible to reapply for corporate membership of the PRCA for a minimum period of five years.


Biggest PR disasters and how they could have been handled better

by on August 24, 2017