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Why promotional mugs should be a part of any branding strategy

Why promotional mugs should be a part of any branding strategy

by on January 24, 2019

Every successful business has in some way implemented a branding strategy that works.

The primary purpose of branding is to increase customer recognition of a company's name and to make consumers link that name to a particular image or idea.


Inexpensive promotional product : Do you know how harsh the sun is?

by on May 13, 2014

Do you know how harsh the sun is? | Fresh Marketing News |

With this UV detector which is a fun band to wear, you can see whether you or your kids are in harsh sun. A fantastic inexpensive promotional product that helps protect your children…Find out more...


What is the most annoying advertising medium?

by on January 22, 2013

What marketing channel is best at motivating action?

-          New research reveals fascinating insights into consumers’ reactions to advertising media -

-          Only 28 per cent of us watch television commercials, the rest ignore, mute or change channels

-          Banner adverts are the most annoying advertising medium according to 73 per cent of us, promotional products the least annoying

-          Nearly two-fifths (39 per cent) of respondents indicated they are more likely to remember TV advertising because they see it more often, just ahead of promotional products at 35 per cent.

-          94 per cent of us remember the advertiser who gave us a promotional item or the product advertised after we have had it for six months

-          Two thirds of us like to hang on to such gifts for more than six months and 44 per cent keep them for over one year