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Movers and Groovers : No more “nose bleed costs” – Harry Lang has arrrived

by on January 6, 2018

Harry Lang, formerly marketing director at Pinnacle, has launched a new added value consultancy for the gaming industry.

‘Brand Architects’ will provide bespoke brand development, channel marketing and PR services to gaming operators and B2B providers.  Lang has a wealth of experience in the sector, having also worked for the likes of WMS, and Rank Group. [more…]

Videos : Most popular app performance customer success stories – Hiscock, Bond International, Rank Group, esure, Financial Times etc.

by on December 19, 2014

Just in from Sandra Peil at @Dynatrace Dynatrace

I wanted to share with you our most popular customer success stories viewed by your peers. 

Click on any of the videos below (no registration required) and find out how:

  • Hiscox - improved app performance by 2,000% and moved
  • o a user-experience SLA culture
  • - optimised user experience and tamed eCom performance issues
  • Bond International - improved their competitive advantage significantly
  • by significantly reducing troubleshooting time