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Trying to convince your boss to outsource your content marketing?

by on January 7, 2014


Adobe, Sarah Duffy, Enterprise Vision Awards, Michelle Hill, 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey

by on August 27, 2013

After a year of substantial growth, Lancashire’s Red Hen Creative founder, Sarah Duffy (top right) , has been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious Enterprise Vision Awards in the Creative Industry of the Year category.

Created to honour women across the North West who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial growth, gutsy business start-ups and inspiring business acumen, the EVAs are a unique celebration of ‘girl power’ and really showcase regional business successes in an extremely challenging climate. [more…]

Yes, sex can sell – but it’s down to luck / Deborah Bates, Red Rocket Media

by on May 23, 2013

It may be a cliché, but yes, sex (or in this case, adult-orientated content) does have the potential to sell -- but in my opinion, it's all down to luck. Let's look at a few examples including Wonderbra's "Hello Boys"

Although it was almost 20 years ago when Eva Herzigova appeared on billboards around the U.K. in nothing but her underwear, the impact of this now iconic piece of visual content remains fierce. Labeled "the poster image of the 90s" by the campaign's editor, Stefano Hatfield, the photograph's eye-catching nature allegedly caused car accidents throughout the U.K. [more…]

Marketing videos: how NOT to create them [Video ] / Alex Robertson, Red Rocket Media

by on April 25, 2013


Alex Robertson writes

Last week I posted a blog with some top tips on how to give your brand marketing videos the edge when releasing content onto sharing platforms like YouTube (Top tips to make your videos tip-top ).

To further bolster up the points I made originally, I thought I’d produce a short visual aid to explain the tips – a sort of “practice what you preach” piece. Joining me in the exercise was my partner in crime, and Head of Social Media here at Red Rocket Media, Simon Jenkins. Watch the video.

This video is the result of our efforts in explaining the 5 top tips with examples of how not to do it.


Events : Convergence of Search, Content and Social : Red Rocket Media at IRX 2013

by on December 31, 2012

Convergence of Search, Content and Social

This presentation explores the now inextricable link between search, content and social media. It offers in-depth insight into how: 


“Every event is going to be broadcast live, streamed to the internet and a lot of that is going to end up being shared with friends” / Red Rocket Media

by on July 26, 2012

Ashley Curtis writes ...  Likes, tweets, pins and shares are set to be game changers when it comes to the London Olympics 2012 as more people than ever will interact online during the event.

Olympians and athletics officials are commenting online in real time on social media pages, giving fans a previously unseen look into the way the Games is run and how participants train themselves up for the biggest stage in the world, reports AFP.

Red Rocket Media [more…]

Red Rocket Media : How to get the most from content marketing

by on July 9, 2012

Via Red Rocket Media There are more than 129 million search results in Google UK for the term content marketing, however many people still do not know what content marketing actually is and, more importantly, how to get the most from content marketing. You may want to reference the following post which discusses the difference between marketing content and content marketing


73% 0f Twitter users rank news as the ‘best kind of tweets’ / Michelle Hill, Red Rocket Media

by on June 29, 2012

Michelle Hill of Red Rocket Media writes .. We’ve all been there, sitting in front of our PCs, racking our brains for something to tweet about, a Facebook status update, something – anything – of interest to share with our Google+ circles.

Uninspired and having wasted half an hour asking around the office or researching online for ideas, you’re left with just a few options: [more…]

Varonis, Big Data, Google+, Hutchison Whampoa, Red Rocket Media, StrongMail, Betfair, Rupert Staines, RadiumOne / theMarketingblog

by on May 25, 2012

More than two thirds of IT people think Big Data should be a strategic priority according to research conducted by Varonis, the leading provider of comprehensive data governance software.


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by on May 24, 2012

The social media network Google+ is becoming a haven for photographers wishing to move away from Facebook’s strict rules on images.