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Becoming a super salesperson in today’s marketplace | Pipeliner CRM Blog

by on June 30, 2014


Now we have ‘a new breed of retail PR and social agency’ – de Winter launches ‘The Retail Room’

by on May 10, 2014


Facebook / Blue Hive success story : Pre-selling a car in a way Ford had never done before

by on March 3, 2014

Ford EcoSport Limited Edition

The challenge was to persuade 500 people to commit to buying a £15,000+ Ford EcoSport, exclusively through Facebook, months before its general launch and availability in dealerships. This ambitious strategy involved Ford pre-selling a car in a way it had never done before. And it paid off: all 500 cars were reserved within just five days.

How did we accomplish this? We set aside 500 EcoSports and badged them as Limited Edition models. We then identified an influential audience of tech-loving early-adopters on Facebook and aimed to pre-sell them these models, long before the vehicle’s general availability. 


Selling is changing – interrupt marketing doesn’t work any longer / Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble Social CRM

by on September 20, 2013

From - Jon Ferrara - the CEO of Nimble Social CRM - is passionate about the changes that companies need to make to compete as buyer behaviour changes. 


6 mistakes that are costing you sales

by on May 15, 2013



by on September 24, 2012

SKYCIG, the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand, proudly announces Mr Andy de Caso’s appointment as National Sales Director. Leading the SKYCIG sales team, Andy previously worked for tobacco giant British American Tobacco. The appointment is a revolutionary move that not only showcases the rapid growth of the e-cigarette industry to-date, but one that strengthens SKYCIG’s position as the market leader even further.


Mobile will influence £15 billion of in-store sales

by on September 19, 2012

Deloitte Digital predicts that mobile will influence £15billion in-store sales in 2012m. The survey of more than 2,000 consumers highlights how mobile devices are being used by shoppers.


AdInsight has increased the number of people in its team by 75% in the last four months

by on September 3, 2012

AdInsight, (, the leading provider of call tracking and call analytics solutions, has completed a major recruitment drive as it continues to experience significant growth in the demand for its products. [more…]

Events : Fancy a free cocktail? Come see us @adtech in September

by on August 25, 2012

Got any digital marketing questions you are dying to ask? Want to know if your website is under-performing? Come over for a cocktail and a chat to see how we can help! Join us at ad:tech London 2012 – Stand 252

Return On Digital

[more…] / New platform helps organisers create, promote, manage and broadcast any future event

by on April 24, 2012 launches at the beginning of May and hands out first invites

A group of Dutch entrepreneurs is getting ready to launch the innovative social event management platform This platform helps organizers to create, promote, manage and broadcast any future event. Whether it concerns organising, concerts, sales, exhibits, parties, sports or any other future happening: Planspot provides one centralized spot to easily and effectively promote events through multiple channels. [more…]