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Huge problems : Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners told to turn off device – BBC News

by on October 11, 2016


Consumer electronics : Just what is the most popular gadget in the run up to Christmas?

by on December 21, 2014

In the build up to Christmas, for lots of us this means a new gadget under the tree. But if you’re struggling to decide which consumer electronic to get this year perhaps Outbrain’s analysis of the most hottest gadget will help.

Outbrain @outbrain has tracked consumption of 6,035 stories about gadgets published to it’ European network (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) during November 2014. So what gadgets are getting the most buzz from the media, and which are most read about?


Great for a Christmas bake! – Standeazy with the iPad mini

by on October 31, 2014


Order 5,000 stands and we will design and create your artwork free of charge

by on September 20, 2014


Order 5,000 stands we will design and create your artwork for you free of charge

by on September 18, 2014


Special Offer : Hands up who needs a phone stand / Order 5,000 stands before the end of October 2014 – we will design and create your artwork for you free of charge

by on September 15, 2014

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. The same is true for a phone stand. Discover Standeazy, the stand that fits into your wallet.

Designed to not only be practical when ‘in action’, transforming phones, tablets and e-readers into hands-free devices, it’s different because it is credit card sized and thus super slim, light weight and easy to carry anywhere.

Special time-limited offer -  If you order 5,000 @standeazy or more before the 30th October 2014, we will design and create your artwork for you free of charge.  Email –


Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be better for business than Apple’s iPhone 5

by on March 24, 2013

Here's a look at some of the most important features and how the Samsung Galaxy S4 stacks up:

Screen: The S4's five-inch touchscreen is slightly larger than the Galaxy S3's 4.8 inches. But it is substantially larger than the iPhone 5's four inches.

The screen size alone will be a key benefit over the iPhone 5 for many business users. When you're working with documents, databases, or taking notes, a larger screen is often easier to use -- especially for touchscreen typing.


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by on November 26, 2012