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How to boost your business using Instagram

How to boost your business using Instagram

by on August 7, 2019

Social media has reached a point where ignoring it is simply impossible if you are running a business.

You might have looked at guides like how to monetize Instagram for beginners, but after reading them it should become clear that the first thing on the agenda is building a decent number of followers.


Indulge your #selfie in a viral campaign that gets your brand at the top of everyone’s Christmas list

by on November 27, 2015

Shaz Qamar, Marketing Campaign Manager at Esri UK writes .... Although Christmas is a few weeks away, for marketers, it’s been top of mind for months:

  • “How can we get our brand out there and cut through all the Christmas hype?”
  • “How do we do something different without spending a huge fortune?”
  • “How do we engage with our customers and encourage them to share content?”


“Love Your Real Selfie” / The “world’s largest unretouched selfie”

by on March 15, 2015

Add Aerie to the list of marketers looking for magic in “real women” photos. The teen retailer is launching what it calls the world’s largest selfie campaign, which it hopes can boost “body positivity” and sell more bikinis for spring break.

This is a good example of adding more clout to a campaign which they launched initially in January last year. Clever use of the term 'largest'  and by using a great photographer such as Grey Malin it all adds up to good marketing sense.


New Levi’s campaigns looks to inspire generation selfie

by on August 11, 2014

New Levi's campaigns looks to inspire generation selfie.

— Digiday (@Digiday) August 10, 2014