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New survey highlights retailers’ conflicting views over showrooming / Live & Breathe,

by on July 3, 2013

Research released today has revealed that retailers are still divided over whether to help or hinder ‘showrooming’ (shoppers viewing items in-store, then checking prices and buying on their mobiles): 13% of shoppers said they’ve found that store staff don’t seem to care. Only 8% said staff tried to make them buy there and then by offering a deal, while another 8% said staff were awkward and unhelpful.

Comparatively, stores in London seem to be the most mobile-friendly: only 3% of retail staff in the capital were unhelpful to showrooming shoppers.

The survey was commissioned by retail and shopper creative agency Live & Breathe, speaking with 1,000 shoppers all around the UK. It also found that vouchers and discount coupons are the most in-demand mobile technology for modern shoppers: a quarter (27%) would like to see them, followed by 21% who’d like to be able to access more product details.