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by on January 14, 2016


Gamification : The race between console and mobile games in 2015 and beyond

by on January 11, 2016

"George Osborn of Mobile Mavericks says that, upon reading stats and reports, ‘it’s clear that most players are not in one camp or the other; they’re in both.’ He adds that, ‘big spenders on mobile games also spend significantly within the rest of the gaming space.

Free marketers, who share game content but don’t pay for it, aren’t casual gamers; they’re an audience who respect and play core games.’With big players like Nintendo now on board the mobile cash machine, it will only be a matter of time before mobile sales truly dwarf the once king of the arena that was the console platform".


Affiliate Window’s mobile update : 19.62% of sales came from a smartphone – up from 17.81% in Q3 2015

by on January 10, 2016

Mobile Traffic Up, Average Order Value Down in Affiliate Window Q4 Report

Highlights include: Q4 2015 Mobile Performance

  • 47.46% of traffic originated from a mobile device – up from 46.93% in Q3 2015
  • 25.94% of traffic came from a smartphone – up from 24.48% in Q3 2015
  • 39.59% of sales originated from a mobile device – up from 37.19% in Q3 2015
  • 19.62% of sales came from a smartphone – up from 17.81% in Q3 2015
  • Mobile traffic converted at 4.56% – up from 3.78% in Q3 2015
  • Mobile Average Order Value (AOV) was £64.60– down from £65.04 in Q3 2015


“How to protect your hi-tech device from being scratched or damaged in any way”

by on December 13, 2015

What Features Make for a Superior Mobile Phone Case?

You have just acquired a new phone. It is not an ordinary phone, but a Smartphone. The first trouble you have is how to protect your hi-tech device from being scratched or damaged in any way. Gone are the days when low-cost phones could withstand anything, from landing on concrete blocks to diving into water.

You must take good care of a new device with a quad core processor and touch-sensitive display. Without a doubt, you need a superior Mobile Phone case.


The main advantages of buying an unlocked phone

by on September 22, 2015

Buying a new smartphone can be tricky, as there’s just so much out there to choose from. Whether you’re considering buying a swanky new iPhone or you just want something simple and basic to text and talk with, there are a lot of different factors that you need to take into consideration when planning on buying a new phone

One of the things that you’ll need to think about is if you want a phone that is unlocked, or do you not mind only ever using it with one mobile phone network. If you’re not sure whether or not you should be going for an unlocked phone for your next mobile handset, we’ve listed some of the benefits here.


Be sure to come over to see us for a touching experience – Giant iTab

by on April 29, 2015


All you need to know about the Giant iTab – what they actually do

by on April 27, 2015


The Giant Smartphones being presented at ISE this year are a standout solution to rival other leading technologies on show in Amsterdam

by on January 29, 2015


Beyond Facebook – Marketing to Generation Z – “72% want to start their own business”

by on December 13, 2014

In the next few years, Generation Z – those born around the year 2000 – will be hitting their upper teens, entering their 20s and then embarking upon their careers. The challenge for businesses is finding a way to market to this new generation – a generation which interacts with society very differently to its predecessors.

New research from Global Messaging has revealed some interesting statistics that gives us an insight into the habits of Generation Z…


‘iTab’ interactive tablets with the ‘Smartzer’ video-tagging software

by on September 30, 2014