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How to learn to write a thesis sentence

How to learn to write a thesis sentence

by on May 1, 2020

Do you know how to generate a thesis statement?

Studies show that a good number of college students cannot write a good thesis in their essays.

However, it is vital to learn how to write a thesis statement since every academic paper cannot give useful information without an argument.


The advantages of Customer Feedback

The advantages of Customer Feedback

by on November 16, 2017

What is a customer feedback terminal?
A customer feedback terminal is a device used for collecting or tracking feedback from customers or employees.

Modern customer feedback terminals are touch screen electronic kiosks equipped with keyboards and high-speed processors which enable organisations to collect and analyse feedback data from their customers on a continuous basis.

It is an administrative tool that can be designed to create questionnaires, forms or any kind of feedback to match the company's brand and style.  [more…]

Converting awareness into action: Introducing the “Neglected Breed of Influencer”

by on April 19, 2016

New research released by Time Out examining the influence economy reveals two new influencer typologies and suggests one important group is being neglected by many brands.

The two Influencer groups revealed in Time Out’s “From Influence to Action: Insights from the new Influence Economy" study are: [more…]

Digital experiential marketing – creating an experience where there is a resulting emotional connection to a brand, product or idea / Hotcow

by on December 16, 2014

Hotcow @Hotcow write in their blog - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to an exotic location without getting on a plane, or take a ride in Google’s newest self-driving car? Well, now you can, thanks to incredible advancements in technology and the realm of digital experiential marketing.


How Instagram harnesses the awesome power of mobile, social media and photos

by on September 27, 2014


“Online marketers can advertise directly to their influencers” / Rio SEO Social Advertise™

by on July 16, 2013

Rio SEO, the leader in SEO automation and social media marketing technology, today announced a major expansion of its social remarketing solution so online marketers can advertise directly to their influencers and many more like them on the Web.  More information about Rio SEO is available at

The proprietary automation solution, called Rio SEO Social Advertise™, now integrates with the BlueKai Data Management Platform (DMP) to help marketers gain richer audience insights with respect to their brand influencers, generate “look-alikes,” and then reach them at scale with relevant messages across the Internet. [more…]

Who else wants to increase the effectiveness of their lead generation by over 500%? / 43 Digital

by on April 21, 2013

43 Digital provides a unique video lead generation solution combining Google and YouTube visibility with bespoke landing pages and incentivised calls to action. Watch one of  43 Digital's videos.


Blogs outrank social networks in influence

by on March 7, 2013


Mobile coupon users to rise by 30% in 2013

by on November 14, 2012


10 things agencies must have in a social media management tool

by on November 9, 2012

What Agencies should look for in a Social Media Management Tool

Vishal from Sendible writes ..    While reading an excellent blog post by Chuck Hemann on A Buyer’s Guide to Social Media Management Software I thought it would be great to write a follow up post with a check-list of what an agency should look for in a Social Media Management tool .

Social media is becoming increasingly important to brands and therefore even more important to the agencies that help shape, manage, promote and grow those brands.