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FMCG News : Now you can find offers from The Co-operative Food in the Shopitize app

by on October 26, 2013

FMCG News : Now you can find offers from The Co-operative Food in the Shopitize app

The team at Shopitize write ... We started Shopitize just over two years ago. Since the beginning of this year, we have been running a trial with a number of leading supermarket brands in the UK. We have learnt a lot from our community of users who have supported us and given us some great ideas and feedback. [more…]

Co-op have launched an experiential campaign – ‘Tweet for a Table’

by on October 2, 2013

People in London can get a free meal in a city centre pop-up restaurant  ... by tweeting for a table.@Tweet4aTable

Booked with JCDecauxLive, the outdoor restaurant will be at Observation Point on Thursday and Friday (3 and 4 October) offering sit-down meals from The Co-operative Food to lucky diners.

All people need to do is follow and tweet @Tweet4aTable and tell The Co-operative Food, in 140 characters or less, why they deserve a table at the city’s most exclusive pop-up dining experience. [more…]

Contactless payments milestone for Barclaycard

by on August 24, 2012

New research from Barclaycard reveals that the contactless payment symbol is now recognised by the vast majority of Brits. Over 80% of the public – almost double the figure from a year ago – can identify the contactless symbol, with people in London and the North West the quickest to adopt the new way to pay[1].

The research highlights a huge shift in consumer spending preference, with a remarkable 61% of people saying they preferred using cards over cash to buy items up to £20.