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Senior marketers believe trust is the biggest challenge facing the data and marketing industry

Senior marketers believe trust is the biggest challenge facing the data and marketing industry

by on January 17, 2020

‘Reinforcing customers’ (59%) trust’ is the data and marketing industry’s biggest challenge, according to a survey completed by over 230 senior marketing professionals across the UK who judged the DMA Awards 2019.


Top social sales thought leaders and their specific strategies, tips and /or examples of using sales intelligence and social media

by on April 15, 2014

Jon Ferrara (CEO, Nimble)

"Sales intelligence boils down to any information or context you as a salesperson use in the sales process to better establish trust, rapport, expertise and suitability of yourself or your company in order to make the sale. Ultimately, people (buyers) purchase from people they trust and want to do business with you."


Paul Frampton writes ‘Brands that invest in communities wellbeing will be safeguarded from real backlash damage’

by on January 3, 2014

Paul Frampton writes Havas Media’s 2013 Meaningful Brands study showed brands such as Google and Facebook riding high in the rankings, owing to their strong performance in improving people’s individual sense of well-being.

Meaningful Brands and their performance against the stock markets show that the demand for companies to go beyond their traditional marketing and business parameters and add to our well-being and quality of life is an essential requirement to the long-term success of a company.

However, tech brands performances on measures relating to community wellbeing were very low.


Digital Trading Standards Group launches UK Good Practice Principles to minimise the risk of advertising misplacement

by on December 17, 2013

Leading ad businesses have committed to the DTSG’s Good Practice Principles, covering a significant proportion of the UK display market

London, 17th December: The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG)* - a UK group comprising representatives of the entire digital display advertising market, including trade bodies the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), ISBA - the Voice of British Advertisers, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK - has launched UK good practice aimed at minimising the risk of display advertising misplacement. [more…]