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Research: 74% of marketers now prioritise social for launches, TV drops in importance to sixth / Five by Five

Research: 74% of marketers now prioritise social for launches, TV drops in importance to sixth / Five by Five

by on November 25, 2016

Research unveiled today has highlighted that social media is king when it comes to launching new products: three-quarters of brand marketers (74%) now prioritise social media above TV advertising in their launch marketing plans.

The research was commissioned by launch marketing specialist agency Five by Five, interviewing more than 730 senior marketers across the UK, US and Australia. [more…]

Adtech & Martech / “Designed to help brands, agencies, publishers and tech companies to stay one step ahead as the industry re-invents itself”

by on September 3, 2014

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Video : Indeed launches multi-million dollar global brand campaign in UK

by on May 12, 2014

On Sunday 11th May, the world’s number one jobsite worldwide launched its multi-million pound global brand campaign in the UK. The campaign will be rolled out to other markets, including the US, later this year. It marks a milestone in Indeed’s evolution, which has grown organically since its launch in 2004 with no traditional marketing spend, due to its “Google search model” for job listings. Watch the ad.

Central to the campaign will be a television advert, which will run on Channel 4 , ITV, SKY1 and Sky Sports channels amongst others during the highly sought after 6-9pm slot throughout May. It will aired for the first time on Sunday around 1.20pm. The campaign, titled ‘How the World Works’, will be supported with numerous other marketing and advertising initiatives, including London coffee shops using Indeed branded cups, buzz installations across the city, and billboards on London transport.

[more…] and adconnection use TV-harmonised RTB in UK media first

by on July 22, 2013

Leading independent media agency, adconnection, was tasked by Lovestruck to manage the brand's extension into TV advertising.  The agency used brand new technology that enabled Lovestruck to sync real-time bidding (RTB) display activity with large TV spots, capitalising on the rise of multi-screen viewing habits.

We take a look in more detail at the campaign that was recently shortlisted for the MediaTel Connected Consumer Awards and the Thinkbox TV Planning Awards 2013.


Consumer brand experience / Does targeted, relevant advertising really create brand love? / Hotcow

by on May 22, 2013

Spotted in the Hotcow blog ....Earlier this year, Hotcow wrote a piece for Marketing week , where we explored a novel idea.

We imagined a world where brands invested their marketing budgets in consumer brand experience and Experiential became the dominant form of marketing communication.

This weeks Grocer magazine discusses why FMCG brands are spending more on Digital marketing, replacing some of the spend previously enjoyed by TV advertising (down 5.46% to £1.47bn in 2012)


What is the most annoying advertising medium?

by on January 22, 2013

What marketing channel is best at motivating action?

-          New research reveals fascinating insights into consumers’ reactions to advertising media -

-          Only 28 per cent of us watch television commercials, the rest ignore, mute or change channels

-          Banner adverts are the most annoying advertising medium according to 73 per cent of us, promotional products the least annoying

-          Nearly two-fifths (39 per cent) of respondents indicated they are more likely to remember TV advertising because they see it more often, just ahead of promotional products at 35 per cent.

-          94 per cent of us remember the advertiser who gave us a promotional item or the product advertised after we have had it for six months

-          Two thirds of us like to hang on to such gifts for more than six months and 44 per cent keep them for over one year