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Valentine’s Day

Win £5,000 this Valentine’s Day! … PromoVeritas

Win £5,000 this Valentine’s Day! … PromoVeritas

by on February 9, 2017

Have you ever tried to take the financial risk out of a promotion? Trying to guess the redemptions on a coupon campaign can be difficult [more…]

One bottle of very social champagne, the social team @ Hospitality & Catering News, are at it again

by on February 12, 2016

The regularity of our reporting on social media at B2B website Hospitality & Catering News might lead some to think we are receiving large quantities of champagne from them, sadly not the case. We monitor a number of social sites and this is one we find to be particularly ‘engaging’.

We took a peek this morning on our trawl through some of our favourite’s and found this, but how can one bottle of champagne garner such a response, and a very engaged response too for that matter?


Infographic : Marketers must be ‘smarter’ & more ‘last-minute’ to halt waning interest in Valentine’s

by on February 11, 2016

A study by RadiumOne shows waning interest and an 'over-commercialisation' of Valentine's Day which means marketers need to be 'smarter' and more 'last-minute' about campaigns - particularly as consumer research and purchasing tends to peak in the last few days.


Valentine’s Day Research : Bing Ads Network expects more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day

by on February 10, 2016

Bing Ads today releases its Valentine’s Day insights, revealing what romantic searches are being made, when, and by whom in the run up to the UK’s most romantic day of the year.

Based on searches made across the Bing platform, it has found love is now mobile, as marketers can expect more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day.


Video : Enjoy these delights from Europe

by on February 13, 2015


50 Shades PR piggybacking stories – Marmite, Britain’s favourite yeasty spread has launched a body paint

by on February 12, 2015


Ever fancied covering yourself in brown yeasty spread? Well you’re in luck! Marmite, Britain’s favourite yeasty spread has launched a body paint.

Apparently sex store and stockist of the edible product, Harmony, has been overwhelmed with requests from customers looking to get their hands on the unusual delicacy.

Even amongst the current sea of 50 Shades PR piggybacking stories, the news of the unusual product launch was still picked up in The Metro and The Telegraph. The spread is unfortunately (for some) not available to buy until next year but the announcement provided a nice talking point for Marmite around Valentines Day.


Durex is inspiring couples to make a break with tr… …

by on February 9, 2015


Ever wondered how the Victoria’s Secret Angels would look in the full American-football get-up

by on January 22, 2015


Ready for Valentines day? Great Offers on ‪#‎lingerie‬

by on January 16, 2015


Valentine’s day love sayings / “Love is like a lifeboat on the stormy sea of life”

by on February 3, 2014

Who has more a way with words than the Irish? From Joyce, to Yeats to Shaw and down through the generations, they have pondered life's great questions, but also expressed their love beautifully.  Here are some short love lines from the heart of the Irish:

1. Pulse of my heart, song of my soul, light of my night

2. May you have warm hands on a cold evening [more…]