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How to turn your website into an inbound marketing hub that centralizes all your marketing efforts – Exclusive Download

by on February 10, 2016

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You have ‘sweated’ over your new website and it finally has seen the light of day …. get it featured here

by on January 22, 2016


New website claims it can find 'secret' flights that are 80% cheaper – Tripdelta

by on January 14, 2016


AOL UK launches ‘YouBuild’ to inspire kids to code and build a website for their school

by on March 8, 2015

AOL UK announces the launch of their new 'YouBuild' competition, to engage and inspire school children to learn how to code. In partnership with international charity and educational partner, Free the children, as well as Codeacademy, ‘YouBuild’ is tasking pupils to help their school and local community through the power of code.

‘YouBuild’ will offer the opportunity to 12,000 young people across the country the chance to enter the competition and submit ideas to their teachers for a website that they think could benefit their school and local community. [more…]

4 DIY tricks to drive traffic to your website

by on September 27, 2014


Giant iTab touchscreen: Selling and showcasing brands – instore, on-show and at events

by on January 30, 2014

Giant iTab write ... Our award winning 'Giant iTab' touchscreen is helping customers interact and engage with media, event and digital content far more readily than ever before. It is incredibly simple and easy to use.Its familiar look and technical excellence are able to draw people in and deliver a perfect user experience. Book a meeting

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Thanks to @TheGiantiTab for the great screen at #confsummit @Slidoapp

by on December 21, 2013


Giant iTab wins ‘Best New Technology Product’

by on November 28, 2013

Giant iTab wins 'Best New Technology Product'

The Giant iTab has been awarded 'The Best New Technology Product' at the Event Technology Awards in London on Friday 15 November. The product has been developed specifically for companies looking for innovative ways to engage audiences at events, retail outlets, shopping centres and venues.

The Giant iTab has revolutionised the digital signage industry by building on smart phone technology and displaying large interactive tablet touchscreens at events, venues, parties, exhibitions, conferences and in retail stores, boardrooms and banks.


The Giant iTab G4 / Take digital content and optimize it for large format mobile displays

by on November 4, 2013

  • The Giant iTab G4 is the next generation in digital showcasing from Touch2view. It combines the latest touch technology with high performance mobile software to present your smart phone and tablet content on a giant scale.
  • By taking digital content and optimizing it for large format mobile displays, the Giant iTab has become highly relevant and effective. Your mobile content exists already, so content is also free.
  • The Giant iTab is offered as a complete solution with mac mini i7 ss, installation and full 3-year support. Our aim is to deliver large format touchscreens as the same experience that everyone enjoys in their everyday lives. Call us +44 (0) 7590 220 476 and see.


Who else wants to know about a giant interactive tablet for presenting apps? / Giant iTab ™

by on October 23, 2013

Touch2view are specialists in digital engagement.

They combine creative content with cutting edge technology to convey the message in a stylish, simple and engaging way. Just like their new Giant iTab ™ – a giant interactive tablet for presenting apps – their products are designed to get the message across and get you noticed in a world of digital communication.

All you need to know about the Giant iTab

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