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Adjust releases benchmarks report – Google to dominate app downloads in 2018

Adjust releases benchmarks report – Google to dominate app downloads in 2018

by on March 1, 2018

  1. Just in ... the 2018 Mobile Benchmarks Report from adjust. Some Key Stats from the Report:

    • Google was dominant in 2017, and will continue to be the most relevant gateway to apps worldwide this year, outperforming other platforms in all categories.
    • Worldwide mobile ad spending increased 33.6% up to $142 billion, with $17 billion being spent on performance ads.
    •Fraud is omnipresent, and the key challenge in 2018, with Games & E-commerce being the most affected verticals.
    • 2 million more apps launched into the stores in 2017, while retention rates rose year on year, despite continued challenges for app developers to retain users.
    • Travel apps have trouble keeping users on board, only a 7% retention rate by day 12.
    • By day 14 after the download, only 13% of app users return. Retention on iOS is consistently higher than on Android, but only by 1-3%.


Chat apps threaten to siphon ad dollars from social media giants / Chat apps “demand attention”

by on September 29, 2014

With 21 million people following her on Facebook and 18 million on Twitter, pop singer Ariana Grande can’t personally chat with each of her loves, as she affectionately calls her fans.

So she and many other stars are spreading their messages through new-style social networks, via mobile apps that are more associated with private, intimate conversation, hoping that marketing in a cozier digital setting adds a breath of warmth and a dash of personality.

It’s the Internet’s equivalent of mailing postcards rather than plastering a billboard. [more…]

Trust, Tradition and Transactions: Digital adventures in China / Dan Mortimer, CEO of Red Ant

by on February 23, 2013

(Guest Post by Dan Mortimer, CEO of Red Ant)

As Chinese New Year celebrations draw to a close, it is a great opportunity to reflect on what the Year of the Snake could mean for UK businesses looking to take advantage of the huge market potential in China.


Social Media Chinese Style! / Guest post from Dan Vassiliou

by on February 10, 2013

Social media in China is huge. Around 25% of the worlds social media is Chinese. Just one country produces all that traffic. Social media is a massive marketing tool, as we all know. Brand enhancement and promotion can be effectively managed through social platforms around the world.

Things are no different in China. Reviews and product information are easily found and sent forwards to other potential users, just the same as it is through Facebook, Pin interest or Twitter.

Find out more by clicking through here [more…]