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Easy ways to further your workplace qualifications … Exclusive to theMarketingblog

Easy ways to further your workplace qualifications … Exclusive to theMarketingblog

by on May 24, 2018

The most valuable employee is one that continues to improve.

The most invaluable employee is one that knows the changes that are occurring in the industry and has kept pace with the world. They are people who always strive to do better and to be better.


Tips on answering this question : Why do you want to work here?

by on September 3, 2017


New survey shows that Brits prefer Greggs to Caffè Nero, Costa and Starbucks

by on March 23, 2015

Starbucks might be the king of coffee shops, and Costa might wear the crown in the UK, but it turns out British people are more partial to a hot beverage from Greggs.

The bakery chain scored highest for value in a national poll of 4,500 people, ranking second on friendliness of staff, speed of service and store cleanliness.

Overall, Greggs performed better than Caffè Nero, Costa and Starbucks, bested only Pret A Manger, according to the Market Force Information survey, which asked consumers about their satisfaction in eight categories at a range of coffee shops and whether they would recommend the brands to others.


Northerners have gone soft – they’re 20% more likely to have cried at the #bearandhare than Southerners / Jaywing

by on January 2, 2014

Jaywing analysed over 100,000 Tweets to find out who was shedding tears over this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad.  The results will surprise many as it turns out that Northerners are 20% more likely to cry at the Bear and the Hare than those in the South, with Londoners crying the least. [more…]

Research : 39% of agency employees claim mobile ad spend comes from new budgets | IAB UK

by on December 13, 2013

IAB research reveals that nearly 40% of respondents claimed that new budgets are being allocated for mobile, whilst mobile privacy and brand safety remain top challenges for UK media agencies  Read On .