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Ask Will Corry about the new and improved Marketingblog.
Leads = Results = Profit
Now … Building trust through engaging content – Will Corry, the UK Content Curator 01784 434 412
A 45 year stint in publishing includes….
GM, Ballymena Observer and the East Antrim Times (NI).
MD of Thomson Publications and Trade Fairs and Promotions, South Africa
Publisher and owner of Retailing News and Storeowner, South Africa

And now the new and improved Marketingblog –

Combining the reach of e-mail with the power of social networking helps to achieve that marketing ‘Rolls Royce’ “sweet spot”—the right offer to the right individual at the right time.

Will has a list of some 74,000 marketing influencers and decision makers who tune five times a week to his marketing blogs.

– Attract new customers
– Establish yourself as an expert
– Increase client satisfaction and retention
– Automate your training process
– Reduce customer support calls
– Move up the search engines rankings
and ultimately, make more money!

Call 01784 434 412

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