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by on July 8, 2021


The Nike ‘Swoosh’ has been voted the UK’s best brand logo of all time according to a new survey. 

The sports’ brands, simple but [more…]

How to Keep Your Online Customers Informed During an Emergency?

by on June 28, 2021

Corporate crises are inevitable, and they often come with a sudden spike in customer requests for information, cancellations, and people wanting to express their irritation. [more…]

6 ways you can use a webinar for business and education

by on June 24, 2021


Though webinars have been around for a long time, the development in technology and the continuous rise of flexible and interesting multimedia experiences has [more…]

10 Tools Every Modern-Day Business Needs

by on June 14, 2021

Blurb: There are hundreds and thousands of software that help businesses to automate work and processes, but these are the best 10 of the bunch! [more…]

New Survey Reveals How Consumers Really Feel about SMS Notifications from Businesses

by on May 12, 2021

This year marks the 29th anniversary of SMS or short message service. What started as a friendly exchange between two Vodafone colleagues has now blossomed [more…]

59% of CEOs do not believe social media can generate sales

by on April 29, 2021


More than half of CEOs are sceptical of social media marketing, with 59% saying that social channels don’t generate sales for their businesses. That’s [more…]

Link Building Tips for Small Businesses

by on April 13, 2021

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For many online businesses, link building is a familiar term. It is an essential aspect of SEO marketing that involves reaching out to [more…]

Promote your brand with branded GIFs in 2021

by on March 18, 2021


GIF, which is an acronym for Graphical Interchange Format, was initially introduced in the year 1987 by Steve Wilhite and since then it has [more…]

Most common challenges faced by brands selling on Amazon: How to gain back control and protect profitability

by on January 13, 2021

Due to Amazon’s inherent complexities, many brands are increasingly feeling like they are losing control of how their brand is presented and how their products [more…]

Argonon Purchases Nemorin Film & Video

by on December 7, 2020

James Burstall, CEO of Argonon, today acclaims the UK and US-headquartered global production group as the world’s first hyper-converged superindie with the strategic acquisition of [more…]