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Online presence / Domain authority pushing page rank aside / Daniel Vassiliou

by on May 25, 2013

Daniel Vassiliou

Daniel Vassiliou is the Managing Director of Endurance Seo, and has over 12 years of online marketing and SEO experience. He writes ... We supply companies, as well as other marketing and SEO agencies,with solid, effective marketing products and strategies to maximise their online presence and also gain traffic and exposure.


“Anyone looking to really hit the internet hard, with an effective multi avenue SEO campaign, should probably not look to fix a price for their project” / Daniel Vassiliou

by on January 21, 2013

We all know about the problems of agreeing a fixed price online marketing plan over a period of time, say six months to a year. Who is to say that your competition will not up their game, two months into your campaign, requiring you to spend considerably more than you had intended.


Seo In China / “You may be able to run your Chinese arm from where you are trading right now” / Daniel Vassiliou

by on January 17, 2013

With the recession hitting many western economies, the smart businesses are looking to increase their profits by breaking into markets like China,

The second biggest economy in the world. A great way for a business to create a share of this market place, and perhaps “test the water”, is to utilise the huge internet and social media platforms in the country, and that means SEO Chinese style. You can then sell your products or services into China and see what kind of response you get. You may be able to run your Chinese arm from where you are trading right now.

How amazing would that be?  by Daniel Vassiliou, CEO of Endurance Seo


Guest Post : The importance of reviews to SEO – Daniel Vassiliou

by on January 1, 2013

There are two things that a consumer is looking for, online, before they purchase a product, or utilise a service. Firstly they want to see a price comparison, where possible. Are they being charged the lowest price for a particular item, and if not, where can they get it cheaper?  Secondly, and importantly, they want to know what other people think about that particular product or service.

They will therefore look for reviews from those who have previously been customers or clients.  The more reviews that a company has on the web, the more your brand will be seen and talked about by those wanting to buy the products you sell, or use the services that you supply.

For obvious reasons as long as you have good reviews, and I am not going to add to the length of this post discussing the merits of reputation management, you will have useful references around the internet selling  your business. [more…]