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Will 2013 see the end of paper couponing fraud? / Comment from Shopitize

by on November 20, 2012

The launch of Shopitize’s mobile couponing service this month enables brands to save £150 million in paper couponing fraud each year.

Dr Alexey Andriyanenko, joint managing director and co-founder of Shopitize, says mobile couponing has the capacity to be virtually 100% fraud-free.

Mobile shopping innovator Shopitize ( says the misredemption and malredemption of paper coupons is costing retailers and brands £150 million each year but will become less and less of a problem in the UK as mobile couponing takes hold of the shopping market.



Brand owners and retailers must put in place more robust processes to prevent coupon fraud and malredemption

by on November 8, 2012

With new figures showing that the redemption of consumer coupons in the UK has almost doubled since 2009, PromoVeritas – the independent promotional compliance and verification service – is warning that brand owners and retailers face even greater financial risks if they don’t put in place much more robust processes to prevent fraud and malredemption.

Data released by leading coupon and voucher services provider Valassis has revealed that redemptions have increased by 96% over the past three years – with a rise of 14% (to nearly 225 million coupons redeemed) in the first of half of 2012 alone. [more…]