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The benefits of data integration for your business

by Will Corry on November 25, 2015

Data integration is fast becoming an essential tool for any modern business. If you're still searching through piles of paperwork to find forms from the 80s, or struggling with an outdated accounting system passed down by the previous generation of staff, it’s time for your business to step into the modern age.

That means combining all of your resources into a fast, secure, central location. Here are some of the many reasons why you should upgrade to data migration software today.


StackaWraps are offering discounted pricing on ’5ft Tall 360° Full Wrap Bottles’

by Will Corry on November 22, 2015

New unique sensory marketing from StackaWraps for your brands

Hi For a limited period we are offering discounted pricing on 5ft Tall 360° Full Wrap Bottles - From £149.00 and Mini StackaWraps -

Boxed and Ready to Go from £95 Let us replicate your product in eye catching 3D in full photo realistic print - Amazing sensory marketing - A superb piece of POS at a superb price for your brand.

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Marketing decision makers : This superb infographic has a list of top email blunders .. very, very useful

by Will Corry on November 18, 2015

Kevin Monk of Email Monks writes ... I wanted to touch base with you to share one of our recent resources (an infographic) on email marketing blunders.

Why email blunders? Well, as you know most brands are involved in email marketing these days, being one of the leading channels that drive ROI. In such a scenario, sometimes brands fall prey to blunders leading to a poor reputation and an “Oouch+Oops” condition. [more…]

3 perfect ways to engage your local community in your marketing

by Will Corry on November 17, 2015

Any successful business will have a marketing strategy; even if they don’t know it. Many sole traders will tell you that all they do is place an ad in the local paper and that they never seem to run out of work.

The truth here is that they may get some work from the paper, but it is word of mouth that is selling their business.


21 places to find social media content that your followers will appreciate

by Will Corry on November 14, 2015

Are you struggling for time to maintain a blog but still want to provide some helpful content to keep your social media followers interested? You need to set up a schedule to share other peoples content.

Twelveskip have put together this infographic which shows 21 places to find that content, then why not use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule some posts throughout the day.


5 reasons your small business blog is failing miserably … Brett Relander

by Will Corry on November 12, 2015


B2B Marketers : “Attention is currency” : A bespoke newsletter at a very special rate – only £85 per issue

by Will Corry on November 10, 2015



  • Congratulations on your content marketing drive. You are certainly getting your message out there in a big way.
  • I can add to the results by creating a new bespoke newsletter for you.


New UK Websites plus pointers on website design / Updated on a regular basis

by Will Corry on November 10, 2015

You have 'sweated' over your new website and it finally has seen the light of day.

Make sure you celebrate its birth by getting it featured in theMarketingblog.

Call Will Corry 01784 434 412


New unique sensory marketing from StackaWraps for your brands

by Will Corry on November 8, 2015


Analysts predict that this #BlackFriday will reach £1bn in the UK. Is your business ready?

by Will Corry on November 4, 2015