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7 online tools that improve your business writing

by Will Corry on April 21, 2015

Business writing is different from other types of writing since it is more professional and will require business knowledge.

When you write business material, you do not just share your ideas and thoughts. It is also important that the content of your work is structured in a way that it is organized and you use formal words. To make your task easier, here are some of the best online tools that can improve your business writing.


Five boom areas for anyone starting an online business / Digital Business Academy

by Will Corry on April 19, 2015

Thanks to Digital Business Academy for this ..  What are the best startup ideas for digital businesses? If you’re looking for ideas to start an online business, it pays to explore how technology is disrupting the way we work, play, live and interact at pace.


“The secret recipe for growth” – Mike Colling, Founder and Chief Executive, MC&C

by KSimpson on April 16, 2015

With the backdrop of a lingering recession, negative interest rates and rising living costs, output is being increasingly scrutinised and marketers must work harder than ever to demonstrate their value.

Without any need for additional budget, Mike Colling, founder and chief executive of the performance media agency MC&C, explains the secret recipe for business growth...


Virgin Startup : UltraKids Club has entered “Pitch to Rich”

by Will Corry on April 13, 2015

UltraKids Club announced today that it has entered “Pitch to Rich”

The first prize, which remains subject to closing votes comprises of £150,000 marketing campaign, plus mentoring and business advice from Virgin Startup for 12 months.

UltraKids Club are committed to helping millions of children become more entrepreneurial.


Using research to reduce ‘Lost Sales’ and fix broken sales processes – Jeff Deighton, insight engineers

by Will Corry on April 11, 2015


Want to prove your capabilities as a business or strategy leader? To achieve this, making metrics meaningful is crucial

by Will Corry on April 11, 2015

Forrester, along with Heidrick & Struggles, found in a survey that nearly 80% of CMOs want to prove their capabilities as business or strategy leaders. To achieve this, making metrics meaningful is crucial.

This requires good and thorough planning. Here are the decisions you’ll need to make and what to consider:


How user friendly is your eCommerce website?

by Will Corry on April 3, 2015

Establishing a strong web presence is essential for companies across all respective industries who wish to remain competitive in the 21st century market and promote their business on a worldwide scale.

Utilising effective advertising and marketing strategies is the best way for any company, irrespective of its size and stature, to make clients and customers aware of the level of professionalism and quality of services or products they would receive.

While certain companies may prefer to remain traditionalists and stick with business cards, leaflets and flyers as a way of promoting brand recognition and trying to get a march on their market rivals, creating a website is undoubtedly the most modernistic and beneficial alternative.


Small business expert : How to get your business online – and make it a success

by Will Corry on March 28, 2015

Small businesses are missing out on much-needed revenue because they aren't keeping up with technological advances, according to experts.


How to convert a B2B lead into a sale

by Will Corry on March 22, 2015

If you’re doing your inbound marketing right, you’ll be converting your website’s visitors into leads as they hurry to download your latest content offer giving them the information they need to solve an issue.

Find out more...


Maximizing the value of your company

by Will Corry on March 17, 2015

If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in maximizing the value of your company, you need to concentrate on four key business areas, These areas fall under such categories as:

Sales and marketing , Operations, Finance and Budgeting, Legal Compliance and Contracts

Needless to say, when it comes to selling a company or maximizing the value of your company, you will eventually have to answer the question, "What is my business worth?" Knowing where you stand, whether you are selling a limited company or want to sell a company where you act as a partner, will enable you to see your way clear if you have a good grasp of how specific business areas should be run.