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5 must-have tools for a successful digital marketing campaign

by on July 12, 2020 in featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, Marketing, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Startups

5 must-have tools for a successful digital marketing campaign

Since the inception of the internet, digital marketing has dominated the marketing domain across the world.

Today, digital marketing is used all over the place and its impact can be felt across all digital platforms, be it blogs, web, social media, mobile applications etc.

Companies have started going online more than ever because that is where the customers are. With the advent of technology and digital marketing tools, companies can now avoid falling behind their competitors when it comes to an effective digital marketing campaign. As the digital world surges forward, you can use an array of tools to understand customer behaviour and adapt to consumer demands. Literally any business can leverage digital marketing today to grow its business.

With the right set of tools, you can bring more customers to your website, engage with them, provide them with your value proposition better and convert them. Digital marketers have started using important tools to get the job done.

For instance, Google Analytics is widely used in the market for creating, testing and measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

The right tool will streamline many of the tasks for marketers. This significantly reduces the manual work and provides you with the space to work on your campaign and focus on bringing more clients. Effectively gathering & managing data insights, content and then devising a marketing campaign is imperative for online success.

In this article, we have broken down a list of five amazing tools for successful digital marketing campaigns:

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for managing and boosting your digital marketing efforts.

The service is free and is focused to help you obtain the maximum from your business website. The platform can help you revolutionize your marketing tactics, pitch to your target audience better and obtain more customers.

With Google Analytics, your business can gather valuable insights which can be a turning factor for shaping the success strategy of your business. The tool automatically collects data, identifies top-performing content, helps you analyse where the best visitors are located and helps you create marketing campaigns based on traffic and conversion metrics. It is important to understand and analyse how your visitors are locating your website.

Once you’re able to identify which pages and links your visitors are clicking the most, then you can do visitor segmentation. During the initial stages, the number of keywords in your website content might be close to nothing. But with potential insights, you can fine-tune your website seamlessly.


Email marketing has always been an effective, powerful and vibrant medium to connect with potential customers.

It is a personal way of reaching out to your target audience. There are over 2.5 billion people who use email worldwide. Effectively managing your email outreach strategy can help your digital marketing campaign in unimaginable ways. MailChimp is a proven tool for automating email workflows.

You can easily tailor emails, use mail templates to connect with your audience in a personalized manner. Thus, making sure that every communication you publish is relevant to your end-user’ interest. MailChimp can help you save costs, grow your mailing list, track email results and provide real value to customers.

You can obtain the much-needed ease of designing and launching email campaigns with this tool and can easily geo-target your email campaigns as well. Moreover, it’s free to use and the analytics provided is very detailed.


…  SlideModel is one of the most popular vendors of ready to use PowerPoint presentations in the market.

The website maintains a huge collection of over 20,000 templates for your presentations.

These templates are professionally crafted and are best suited for professional and personal presentation goals. You can leverage SlideModel’s marketing PowerPoint templates and boost your email marketing efforts since these templates are a delight for design.

You can engage with your audience better and provide the relevant content by simply putting it in these templates. SlideModel also provides PowerPoint shapes, diagrams, icons, charts and graphics to visualize your data. These templates are 100% editable and hence, can be a great pick for customized audience outreach strategies.


When it comes to automating inbound marketing activities, HubSpot does a commendable job. Being a comprehensive inbound marketing tool, HubSpot helps companies execute, manage, measure and boost their digital marketing campaigns.

The tool’s CRM system connects seamlessly with leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & LinkedIn and fetches useful insights.

HubSpot can be your all-in-one marketing platform offering functionalities such as automation systems, lead generation, customer lifecycle and more. The tool has its very own fully functioning content management system where you can create tailored content for your audience. You can use templates and responsive designs.

The tools also provide a system for social engagement, tracking keywords, blogs creation, market schedule, listening etc. Moreover, you can bridge the gap between marketing and sales by leveraging the sales integration feature of HubSpot.


Often comes a time when a website experiences a high bounce rate. In a nutshell, a high bounce rate means your website failed to impress the visitor.

You can strengthen your digital marketing campaign and can significantly reduce the bounce rate of your website by fixing your landing pages. For that, you should be able to identify pages with the highest bounce rate on your website.

Unbounce is a state of the art tool for quickly tweaking, building and publishing optimized landing test pages. You don’t have to be a designer to create landing pages in Unbounce. You can get more leads and sales without having to spend more on your ads. With Unbounce, you can create contextual and targeted campaigns that can convert visitors. You can launch parallel digital marketing campaigns and that too quickly.

You can easily create, launch and manage high-converting landing pages.


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