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Kari experienced more than just the people in Ireland #odysseyproject

by Will Corry on March 18, 2015

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, fashion brand Sperry will be sending 80 adventurers around the world to partake in odysseys #odyysseysawait meant to pull them out of their comfort zones.

The content-driven campaign, created out of Mono, will be tapping musicians, bloggers, entrepreneurs and photographers to go out in the world to discover something new, in the spirit of founder Paul Sperry, who launched the company in 1935. Watch the video.

"Odyssey Project" will give control over the campaign's content to the 80 "ambassadors" who are experiencing it. For example, one of the first is Kari White, an entrepreneur and sister of Olympian Shaun White, who sets off to Ireland to discover more about her Irish roots -- appropriate for St. Patrick's Day.

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St Patrick’s Day : 6 Irish Influencers to follow in Marketing, PR and Tech News

by Will Corry on March 17, 2015

With 1.73 billion users on social media, finding influencers to follow that provide real value to our feed can be an overwhelming process. But fear not, Meltwater is here to save us from the search!

Since we regularly blog around topical themes in the US and UK, we thought we @Meltwater would shift our attention to our fun loving Irish neighbours! So, here’s our list of top Irish influencers to follow.


Meltwater relaunches its PR-watching system for the age of tweets


Liam Neeson’s fantastic ad for St Patrick’s Day

by Will Corry on March 13, 2015


St Patricks Laughter Spot : The one about three men awaiting execution

by Will Corry on February 25, 2015

Three men awaited execution by firing squad in the condemned cell,  from which the site of their forthcoming ordeal could be clearly  seen.The first, an Englishman, was taken out and stood against the wall.  As the firing squad raised their rifles, he suddenly shouted "Avalanche!" at the top of his voice.


Blunders : Ryanair in Twitter spat after Aer Lingus #photobomb ad

by Will Corry on January 17, 2015


What’s up next? A sitcom on The Holocaust maybe with funny fat Nazis eating victims alive?

by Will Corry on January 3, 2015

Channel 4 has commissioned a sitcom about the Irish Famine in which one million Irish died of starvation and one million emigrated. What a great subject for cheap laughs!

No this is not an April Fools story, this is a January 1st story, incredible as it may seem.

The writer will be Dublin-based Hugh Travers, a 31-year-old, who has already had a major hit with a show called “Lambo.” He is a former film student at UCLA.The sitcom will be called “Hungry” and Channel 4 has given the Dublin writer full freedom to write his own scripts which he says is seriously daunting.

Asked by the Irish Times why The Famine, Travers stated, “Well, they say ‘comedy equals tragedy plus time’,” he says, laughing.


Video : It’s not every day you get to see a 6ft 5in man dressed as a Christmas elf

by Will Corry on December 23, 2014

The elite ice hockey league team the Belfast Giants made a music video for Christmas of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” and it's adorable...and hilarious.

The video, which shows the team busting some serious moves while lip-syncing along to the Christmas hit has generated almost 350,000 viewers since then.

It seems that the video went viral after it was mentioned on Twitter by Mariah Carey. She tweeted “The Belfast Giants show off some festive moves in their video version of All I Want For Christmas Is You.”


Video : Irish music and frenetic dancing – what a great combination

by Will Corry on November 16, 2014

Junior's crew 2 Old Irish beats Something's coming together… watch it here first


Design Blunders : Tesco’s ‘penis’-themed buttermilk and other design fails

by Will Corry on November 9, 2014

FMCG Blunders : Tesco's 'penis'-themed buttermilk and other design fails | Enjoy these 'Best Business Blunders' and 'Great Laughter Spots' from theMarketingblog |

Spotted in Tesco: a carton of buttermilk with what looks a lot like a giant, orange penis on it. Have you spotted any design fails lately? Whoever designed this package of buttermilk may well have had something else on their mind at the time.

Conclusion - Someone in the marketing department has some serious issues they need to work through


Video : Ireland’s highest pub reopens

by Will Corry on November 4, 2014

Creedons Top of Coom pub on the Cork - Kerry border reopens after if was destroyed by fire in 2012. Video by Dan Linehan @lensdan. Thanks to Martina Quinn for this gem.

'I'm Irish and I don't know half of what they're saying........but I know what they mean!