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Customer’s Voice / Be very wary of this extremely sharp practice by Avis at Faro, Portugal

by on October 17, 2013

Despite declining extra car insurance on arrival at Faro airport, it was included and in my rush, I signed the form believing Avis to be a reputable company.

My instructions were quite clear but Avis refused to consider my complaint when my credit card was subsequently charged 120% of the original hire. Be very wary of this extremely sharp practice by Avis at Faro, Portugal.

Robert of Holmfirth, on Sept. 23, 2013

Have you had similar problems? Let us know – use the comments box. Thanks [more…]

Avis does a balancing act in China

by on February 8, 2013


a4uexpo London / Conversion optimisation specialist set to give performance marketers a crash course in boosting the sales output of their business proposition

by on September 25, 2012

Dr Mike Baxter unveiled as a4uexpo London keynote speaker

a4uexpo London, the performance marketing industry’s leading conference and exhibition at the capital’s Hilton Metropole, has revealed its keynote session will be headed by Managing Director of Sales Logiq, Dr Mike Baxter. [more…]

‘Blunder of the Year’ so far / “We try harder” is a promise, “It’s your space” is wallpaper (video)

by on August 30, 2012

Perhaps, should use: "We're #3. We don't try at all ... but, at least, we admit it!" Steve Reichenstein

Avis Drops 'We Try Harder' For 'It's Your Space'

Aw, bad times. The new CMO of Avis has decided that the company needs a break from trying so hard all the time. They have changed the tagline was first created by DDB copywriter Paula Green 50 years-ago. ‘We Try Harder’ went on to define the brand and became an iconic campaign that every ad student, ever, studies at some point.

The new tagline is ‘It’s Your Space’ and the company is now targeting businessy folk that do business type things. [more…]

“At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. #avis daylight ******* robbery”

by on February 18, 2012

Dick Turpin wore a mask

Teach me not to check the hire car. £360 for small scratch. Steaming.  At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. #avis daylight ******* robbery [more…]