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Bristol : Approximately 9% of the city’s budget will be lost, adding to the £56m spending reduction that has already been made

by on January 8, 2013

The Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, announced a £35m spending cut in his budget proposals on Monday.

Approximately 330 jobs will go as a result of the cuts, and the Mayor said most of these losses will be felt in administrative roles, while 100 will be compulsory redundancies. Mr Ferguson pre-empted reactions at the beginning of his budget proposals, by saying he knew, “like the rest of the world”, that public cuts would be necessary during his time as Mayor.


Smarter Living 2013 in association with Zurich / Sponsored

by on January 3, 2013


“According to Roseto, walking together is better than walking alone” / John Drummond, Chairman, Corporate Culture

by on December 13, 2012

Despite being within the grip of an economic crisis the British population seem to be, on the majority, in buoyant spirits according to an Office of National Statistics new study to measure well-being. Three quarters of the population rated their current lives as seven out of ten in terms of personal satisfaction levels.


“Hate to admit it but the German market in Edinburgh is better than London! Had the most amazing Bretzels there today”

by on December 9, 2012

It's interactive graphic time - Christmas Markets by "Hate to admit it but the German market in Edinburgh is better than London! Had the most amazing Bretzels there today."

We found this interactive graphic on UK Christmas markets and we thought - the timing is right, the info is solid and it looks great. Enjoy it at more. Only problem they left out Northern Ireland. (Probably because there are no trains going over or under the Irish Sea.)


Retail staff injured in armed robberies and assaults will lose out

by on December 1, 2012

Compensation payments to people injured in violent crimes have been slashed or withdrawn completely after the government railroaded through changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (Risks 582).

The changes took effect on 27 November, scrapping five payment levels. [more…]

Angry crowd turn up at Comet store – police called / Latest News : Gift vouchers are suspended

by on November 3, 2012

Comet gift vouchers are suspended

High street retailer Comet’s chances of survival look slim as chaos mounts over access to stock.

An angry mob descended on one Comet store following the news that the electronics retailer is to go into administration.

Police were called to the Rotherham branch of Comet as a crowd of 30 people turned up to the store to demand assurances that their purchased goods would be delivered, though no arrests were made, according to the Mirror.


“I went to Comet at the weekend to get a network patch cable – the cheapest was over £20 – the same on Amazon was £3!”

by on November 1, 2012

Comet is on the brink of going into administration as early as Thursday putting 6,000 jobs at risk and continuing the carnage on the British high street.  Owner Opcapita won't make money by selling the shop sites as they, and almost all their non-retail premises, are leased.The electricals retailer has lined up Deloitte as administrator, according to people familiar with the situation.


News for exhibition organisers and magazine publishers / Andrew Petherick / Videobuilder

by on October 19, 2012

Andrew Petherick discusses Videobuilder and how it's used by exhibition organisers and magazine publishers. Watch the video


Snap Fashion allows punters to photograph an item – then search for similar ones

by on October 3, 2012

By Anna Leach The Register..  A computer science graduate who used her final-year coursework on image processing to establish a startup has netted a £60k prize.

Jenny Griffiths, who studied at Bristol University, became interested in computer vision during the second year of her master's degree - and in her fourth year she wrote software to recognise soft objects, such as clothes, and catalogue them.

Her image search system is now the core technology in her small fashion business that won Cisco's BIG startup award and prize money in September.  Here's a video of the programme in action


“Two billion people are already online. E-commerce sales are $8 trillion a year – You need an edge this Tuesday the 25th September in Bristol

by on September 22, 2012

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