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More Marketing Nuggets :, Rightster, Brooks Brothers, eCommera, Space City

by on March 20, 2013

Brooks Brothers, the oldest apparel clothier in the US, will adopt eCommera’s unique decision intelligence tool, DynamicAction™.  Designed to turn big retail data into prioritised actions, DynamicAction integrates siloed data into a commerce-specific cloud solution which will allow Brooks Brothers to identify optimisation opportunities to improve its overall online commerce performance.

Brooks Brothers currently operates over 300 stores around the world as well as a dynamic ecommerce site.  eCommera’s DynamicAction tool will enable the brand to ascertain the economic value of specific projects to justify future IT investment, as well as drill down into micro activity such as evaluating return on marketing spend.


Think discounts – not borrowing can help profits / Abbey Telecom

by on March 18, 2013

Another video in the Abbey Telecom series - make sure you watch it, your time will be well spent.

Tony Raynor writes ... Now here’s an opportunity to deny the banks some of your hard earned cash and win a marketing benefit to boot. Let's talk some clever thinking from telephone systems vendor

This quirky video explains how the eradication of debt can give your company a significant price advantage in the market. Pricing strategy is the most effective marketing component so it does affect a company’s success in a huge way. Watch the video to understand properly.

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Three perverts ogle naked beach hottie / Briefly NSFW

by on March 13, 2013

Here is an 'oldie but goldie' video which is now being flighted again. It's an  ad for Bertolli olive oil spread. Briefly NSFW. It first saw the light of day in 2006. [more…]

Sponsored Video: Into Somerset; The Natural Choice for Business

by on March 11, 2013


Video / Taking charity ads to a higher level – Marie Curie Cancer Care

by on March 4, 2013

Marie Curie Cancer Care is launching its annual fundraising appeal, the Great Daffodil Appeal with a brand new TV ad.

Marie Curie nurses provide free care to people with a terminal illness and vital support for their loved ones, allowing families to spend their final weeks, days or hours with the people and things they love close by.

The ad highlights the importance of the care Marie Curie nurses provide, by comparing significant first experiences such as a kiss, with poignant moments at the end of life such as an older couple holding hands for the last time.


Nivea Interactive web film / Can Emily keep her cool, regardless of how stressed she gets?

by on February 20, 2013

Germany gets an airport prank to test how well Nivea's deo holds up to stress, but the UK gets an interactive web film.

Agency Republic does a nice job with this fun YouTube video that features a couple on a first date, where the woman is wearing the Nivea product that will ensure she is not stressed.

The film, which can be seen here, gets you to click on various things in the restaurant that will add to our heroine's stress levels.


Video : Keira Knightley Chanel ad is too sexy – gets banned

by on February 13, 2013

  • A television advert for perfume giant Chanel featuring Keira Knightley has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after it was deemed ˜too sexually suggestiveâ.
  • The full commercial depicted Knightley in tight leather trousers on a motorbike headed to a photo shoot where she becomes increasingly amorous with her photographer.
  • The prime time commercial was aired during a broadcast of children's film Ice Age 2, prompting one concerned parent to complain.
  • Watch the video


Priceless / Have you ever seen a child get this excited about seeing a video of themselves?

by on February 9, 2013


Hot girl in Lamborghini – Guess what happens…

by on February 8, 2013


Hot guy picks up a hot girl in Lamborghini. Bouncy bouncy! Beautiful!

Watch the video


Video : Becks, you don’t need that robe

by on February 7, 2013

David Beckham strips off for H&M – and his wallet

If you like your beefcake to be able to run and swim -- and do it all wearing the skimpiest pair of H&M skivvies we've ever seen, you'll love this energetic film for the clothing brand starring David Beckham in hot pursuit of a bathrobe, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Becks has been the face of the brand for a little while now, appearing numerous print campaigns where he wears even less, believe it or not. The film was created in collaboration with Marc Atlan of Marc Atlan Design, who helped write the script and designed the campaign.