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Making a simple stand look something special – Giant iTab latest tweets

by Will Corry on October 21, 2016

These things are terrific for making a simple stand look something special. They come with a full install and support service too. [more…]

International study: 44% of leading retailers still don’t have an iPhone app

by James on April 13, 2016

Despite drastic rises in mobile adoption, 44% of top international retailers still do not offer an iPhone application. That’s according to a new cross-country benchmark from Episerver, which combines research from eleven nations including the UK, US, Australia and countries across Europe.

The research, which benchmarked one hundred leading retailers around the world, also found that 46% do not provide an iPad-compatible application. Support for Android tablets is even less common, with 62% of retailers relying purely on mobile-compatible websites rather than Android-specific tablet apps.


What is next for social gaming on the iPhone?

by Will Corry on April 12, 2016

In many ways, Apple has maintained an unusual place in the gaming industry. While it has led the way as technological giant in almost all aspects of the smartphone and desktop markets, it has historically failed to conquer the gaming sector.

Most of the hottest PC games have failed to sell anywhere near as well on the Mac, for example, while it was not until the release of the iOS 7 that Apple unveiled a mobile graphics engine worthy of the name. [more…]

Report Back Video : IMEX America 2015 – 3D interactive map on Giant iTab

by Will Corry on October 30, 2015


The world’s only smartphone like this … Giant iTab

by Will Corry on October 22, 2015


Giant iTab is now available to hire and to buy through a network of US partners who can offer our US customers Giant iTabs on a ‘local’ basis

by Will Corry on October 12, 2015

Graphic by Shutterstock


ISES Live : The Giant iTab takes existing client content and reproduces it on oversize touchscreens

by Will Corry on September 4, 2015


Events : Engage and inform potential clients in a format that is easy to use

by Will Corry on August 24, 2015

  • Innovative interactive event technology in the form of a giant tablet!
  • A range of screen sizes available from 22 to 55 inches
  • Brings marketing & promotional elements seamlessly together
  • Previous clients inc. Sky, Barclays, Harrods, NHS & BBC News
  • Based in London & available for events worldwide


Events : Giant iTabs are available to buy or to rent to all event profs. Check us out!

by Will Corry on June 19, 2015

The Giant iTab team write .. Wow, what a show. What a great experience.


Be sure to come over to see us for a touching experience – Giant iTab

by Will Corry on April 29, 2015