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3 essential ways to use content marketing for generating leads – exclusive download

by on February 13, 2016

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It’s all about the leads. It’s true. B2B marketers spend their day focused on generating enough of them to fill their sales funnel. But that’s not always an easy task.

So how do today’s marketers fill the funnel? They use content marketing.

Learn essential ways to use content to generate top-of-funnel leads, including:

  • 6 steps to get started with content marketing
  • Types of content to use in top-of-funnel lead generation programs
  • Key tactics to fill the funnel: search, social media, and email marketing


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Your new bespoke newsletter is really a hardwired link to your audience – vital in these times of intense clutter

by on February 1, 2016

Why the newsletter is the most important part of content marketing

It may sound old-school, but email subscription is really a hardwired link to your audience. For us, email subscribers are an extremely valuable audience that we want. Every day 25,000 people get the blast from theMarketingblog that a new story is out.”

You can have your own quality bespoke newsletter going out to your database reaching your prospects with your news. A no brainer [more…]

B2B Marketers : Get your own bespoke newsletter for your business – only £95 per weekly issue / £135 per month until end of February

by on January 31, 2016

Q Are you getting your message out there in the right way.

A. I can dramatically add to your results by creating a top quality bespoke newsletter for you


Marketing : Native advertising, branded content, sponsored content. It’s the red hot front edge of digital media

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All the latest 'fresh' UK marketing news = courtesy of theMarketingblog


Get dramatically improved ‘sales pipeline’ results in 2016 – load your own articles into theMarketingblog

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How to get guaranteed 'load your own' unlimited article coverage for as little as £65 per month


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How to get a series of event bespoke newsletters – only £95 per issue

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