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B2B Marketers : Get your own bespoke newsletter for your business – only £95 per weekly issue / £135 per month until end of February

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Q Are you getting your message out there in the right way.

A. I can dramatically add to your results by creating a top quality bespoke newsletter for you

A monthly / weekly newsletter means you are keeping your business in front of thousands of existing and potential clients. You can also be feeding your prospects ‘fresh’ articles, case studies designed to achieve maximum readership and best possible results. It’s really a no – brainer at this low price.

Attention is Currency” Let’s talk about getting attention by setting up a result driven bespoke newsletter for your company …Newslettered from theMarketingblog. Call me Will Corry on 01784 434 412

Here are all the details of how it works..

The main benefits for you are ..

  • A weekly or monthly newsletter which can be sent to your database in order to drive home the very real opportunity you offer.
  • A big extra bonus is it can be loaded into your website so that the content is formatted in the style of the site and it is updated in real time.
  • Most of your newsletter stories, articles etc. will be loaded into theMarketingblog group of sites. A ‘happy’ extra

What is it going to cost me?

Better still it will not wreck your hard pressed marketing budget

I have a special price offer for your bespoke newsletter until the end of February 2016.

A weekly bespoke newsletter for your operation would be only £95 per issue.That’s only £380 a month for coverage and thrust every week. It is a no brainer!

If you prefer a monthly bespoke newsletter it is priced at only £135 per month. These very special rates apply only to end February 2016.. so get going!

TheMarketingblog uses E-goi as its newsletter platform.

What else do I need to know?

Are you getting your message through to the right prospects on a regular basis? A weekly newsletter (plus full integration into your website) is now available Let’s get started. I can get an issue out for you in less than a week. Do not forget you get the full benefit of tracking results through Lead Forensics

Call me today…Building trust through bespoke newsletters

Will Corry 01784 434 412


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