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Week’s top articles : ad:tech London, SW 19, ‘Run like a girl’, Robot valet will park your car, Rolf Harris PR blunder

by on July 4, 2014

Women for Women : What does "you run like a girl" mean? The tampon ad that could change your world I just love the final comment. Great video and a great message.  Great P&G video on unconscious bias in #girls education Be proud to run like a girl, throw like a girl, and change the world like a girl!


Events : ad:tech London – an opportunity to meet and bond with existing and prospective customers

by on July 3, 2014


Brand Entrepreneurship – thinking big, acting small

by on May 13, 2014

Leading household brand seeks a rebellious, restless person with a low boredom threshold to drive profitable incremental sales. Would suit someone with a poor employment [more…]

Success : 1m downloads in 10 weeks for VW mobile racing app “Sports Car Challenge 2”

by on January 17, 2014

The latest mobile gaming app for Volkswagen Group just passed 1 million downloads in 10 weeks. With no other promotion, in the last 10 weeks the racing experience mobile app “Sports Car Challenge 2” has so far delivered:

- 5 million virtual test drives

- 1 million visits to Volkswagen brand websites

- over 25,000 dealership enquires, including dealer visits and real world test drives

For more information on Proelios and VW’s Sports Car Challenge series, visit


B2B Marketers – Here is a must read as part of your 2014 marketing planning

by on December 22, 2013

Important news for B2B marketers in the UK. This is certainly one of the more important forecasts for 2014. Score 83. More results / qualified leads for your business. Call me Will Corry 01784 434 412 for a Partnership Plan with theMarketingblog stable of blogs, sites etc.

Part of the fun of reaching the end of the year is predicting the trends that lie ahead. Joe goes out on a limb again with three predictions of his own. Also, find out what 50 other content marketi..Read On.

In 2014, more brands will partner with publishers beyond the ad buy. I am not talking about ‘native ads’ that consumers ignore, but true content partnerships where brands and publishers will co-create sponsored content for both the publisher and brand websites and the social web (paid, owned, and earned).—Michael Brenner | @BrennerMichael; VP, Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP

theMarketingblog Talk to me today about the the new content partnership plan from theMarketingblog stable of sites -   essential for your revenue success in 2014

Will Corry 01784 434 412


Which Brands do the Nation Trust…?

by on September 4, 2013

Which Brands do the Nation Trust?
Watch the Video

Andy Thompson | Vox Pops International

As part of our bi-annual State of the Nation this August, [more…]

The connected beer bottle: a social revolution? / ad:tech London brand focus

by on August 30, 2013

From -

ad:tech London has been a key industry fixture in the UK for brands, agencies and publishers for nearly a decade.

Paul Smailes Global head of digital, Heineken

How is Heineken approaching the "internet of things" and what opportunities will next-generation microchips create? Unveiled at Milan Design Week in April, Heineken and Tribal DDB have been riding the crest of the connected-product wave with the launch of Ignite, dubbed the "world’s first interactive beer bottle".


Events : Understand what programmatic buying means for your brand at ad:tech London 11 -12 September

by on August 3, 2013

Why attend ad: tech London in September

ad:tech London is where the UK digital marketing and media community meet each year to source suppliers, network with the industry, benchmark their digital strategies and understand latest trends and technologies. Register Here.

The current climate brings with it challenges as the industry shifts and traditional job roles change. Budget pressures mean ROI and attribution are key, whilst the changing way that digital media is being bought and sold continues to disrupt the industry from publisher, through the agencies to the brands. Social media is core to most organisations’ digital strategy but establishing value is still a challenge. With Video and Mobile now very much part of any progressive organisation’s digital strategy and true multichannel campaigns commonplace, understanding how to beat the competition and push ahead of the pack remains critical. [more…]

Iillustration of the brands, agencies and publishers at ad:tech London in September

by on July 29, 2013


Scoopshot and Ebyline forge strategic content partnership

by on April 17, 2013

Principals at Scoopshot and Ebyline announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance that will package Scoopshot’s unique mobile user- and professionally-generated photos and videos with the high-quality written content produced by Ebyline.

The business development agreement will fully leverage the assets of both companies to provide media outlets and other clients around the globe with a new, robust source for on-demand visual and accurate written material. [more…]