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Which Brands do the Nation Trust…?

by on September 4, 2013 in Advertising, London & South East, Marketing, PR, Research, Retail, Scotland, Uncategorized, Videos, Wales

Which Brands do the Nation Trust?

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Andy Thompson | Vox Pops International

As part of our bi-annual State of the Nation this August, we hit the streets of London, Cardiff and Edinburgh to get the word from the Great British Public.When asked what brands did the nation trust – we had a really strong allegiance towards British brands. John Lewis was a particular focus, singled out for being a high quality organisation and for providing excellent customer service. The security in knowing that you can return your items hassle-free only added to their appeal.

‘A very positive, British brand’

Additionally, we had positive views towards John Lewis’s company structure and approach to their staff or as they call them, partners. Through their marketing, the brand is represented as an investor in its partners and is committed to delivering a high quality service at all levels.

A particularly interesting response was expressed on Timpson’s unusual recruitment policy. Chief Executive, James Timpson has adopted a unique strategy of employing ex-convicts, following their release from prison. These ex-offenders are then appointed to work in some of his 625 branches nationwide.

‘That’s a reason to trust a brand as there’s a guy that puts trust in all his employees’

Another interesting viewpoint was taken towards ‘subtle brands’ – ones that aren’t always trying to make a big statement, but simply offer a reliable product. Not clouding their service with overly elaborate marketing and advertising.

‘It’s all in the marketing, but you can’t really trust a brand until you actually try it for yourself’

While many fall into the trap of brand loyalty through force of habit, in the case of Amazon and Starbucks, some have actually refused to continue using their service following tax evasion issues earlier this year. Proving that abuse of trust definitely matters to some UK consumers.

Generally, long standing brands with a strong and meaningful heritage is what makes the nation put their trust into a brand – we are mostly happy to pay the higher price in exchange for a more reliable product or a service from a trusted manufacturer or store.

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