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Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be better for business than Apple’s iPhone 5

by on March 24, 2013

Here's a look at some of the most important features and how the Samsung Galaxy S4 stacks up:

Screen: The S4's five-inch touchscreen is slightly larger than the Galaxy S3's 4.8 inches. But it is substantially larger than the iPhone 5's four inches.

The screen size alone will be a key benefit over the iPhone 5 for many business users. When you're working with documents, databases, or taking notes, a larger screen is often easier to use -- especially for touchscreen typing.


Events : The Mobile Retail Summit looks at ‘Mobile in the High Street’

by on March 13, 2013

Events : How things are on the High Street right now – the use of mobile in the shopping process | TheMarketingblog | Fresh Marketing News |


Payatrader wins “Best Technology Initiative of The Year” award at the prestigious Card and Payment Awards 2013

by on February 11, 2013

Payatrader the provider of low cost card processing for small businesses, today announced it has been voted as the “Best Technology Initiative of the Year” at the prestigious 2013 Cards & Payments Awards.

Beating off strong competition from a number of major players, Best Technology Initiative of the Year was won by Acceptacard Limited for its Payatrader solution. Combining existing technology and developing new technology to provide a multi-channel payment processing solution, Payatrader, is the UK’s first payment processing proposition truly designed around the needs of small business. The judges felt this to be “a great example of the development of existing technology to meet commercial requirements.” [more…]

Events : Who else wants to walk away with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement an effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

by on February 8, 2013

Jane Sherwood writes ..  After the success of the 2012 On The Edge Digital Marketing Conferences, these incredible events are back! The London conference will take place, 30th April, at the Britannia International Hotel.

We guarantee you will walk away with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. Topics include; mobile, content marketing, SEO, PPC, Facebook, email marketing, and Google+

Conference passes from only £95! Book today:


GlobalTrac appoints 1000heads to launch real-time luggage tracker

by on January 28, 2013

GlobalTrac LLC, has appointed social communications agency 1000heads for the digital launch of its innovative new Trakdot ™ product. TrakdotLuggage is a tracker that fits into a checked bag and reports airport location in real time to any mobile, Apple, Android, or SMS capable devices.

The product gives airline passengers unprecedented control at an affordable price, allowing them to keep track of checked-in luggage anywhere mobile phones work. [more…]

PressApp – turn readers, staff & consumers into contributors

by on January 18, 2013

Will Corry's insight: A great deal of work, thought etc. has been put into this new concept. We want to wish the Videobuilder team every possible success. Score 81

PressApp  is a new mobile service from Videobuilder that turns your readers into contributors, pulls your existing content into a brandable mobile app and drives fresh web traffic to your site.

Features include geo-fencing, moderation and syndication to geo-fencing, moderation and syndicationand others.

If you're looking at ways of delivering your existing content feeds through mobile, or want a way of handling and managing user generated video or photo or video, take a look or call Videobuilder on +44 (0)845 0176 386 or email them  at


Hub Digital Networks to sell ads at ‘The X Factor’ auditions with Saximo

by on January 15, 2013

  • Hub Digital Networks aims to sell opportunities to mobile, online fashion, cinema, music and fast-food advertisers, as well as other youth brands.  Saximo is also looking to offer screens at concerts, festivals and other live events, and can offer brand sampling and other experiential marketing to complement the on-screen ads. Watch the video...


Comment : “Online sales were up 17.8%, the fastest growth since December 2011, when they had risen by 18.5%”

by on January 8, 2013

Today's news show that figures from the British Retail Consortium highlight a boom in online spending for Christmas 2012.

Online sales were up 17.8%, the fastest growth since December 2011, when they had risen by 18.5%

Without the rise in website sales for goods other than food, spending would have fallen


IRX 2013 / How to appeal to the unconscious minds of your customers by creating media that exploits these hidden processes

by on January 5, 2013

IRX 2013 is the only opportunity in the UK to blend marketing with technology, logistics with customer facing design, mobile with instore experience – the full range of skills and capabilities to sell in the multichannel era.