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PressApp – turn readers, staff & consumers into contributors

Will Corry’s insight: A great deal of work, thought etc. has been put into this new concept. We want to wish the Videobuilder team every possible success. Score 81

PressApp  is a new mobile service from Videobuilder that turns your readers into contributors, pulls your existing content into a brandable mobile app and drives fresh web traffic to your site.

Features include geo-fencing, moderation and syndication to geo-fencing, moderation and syndicationand others.

If you’re looking at ways of delivering your existing content feeds through mobile, or want a way of handling and managing user generated video or photo or video, take a look or call Videobuilder on +44 (0)845 0176 386 or email them  at


Mobile: PressApp to help newsrooms gather UGC

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