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Web design agency uses Retortal platform to extend service offering for SME clients

by on May 24, 2014

Case Study : Harness Digital is a web design agency @hardigi catering to clients in London and the South East. It offers a range of specialist digital services, including email marketing, web design, search engine optimisation, ecommerce and social media marketing. Harness case study

The agency’s enthusiastic team of experts works with numerous SME clients, ranging from online retailers through to web-based travel agencies, which are looking to strengthen their digital presence.


UEFA Champions League Social ‘Buzz’ is Worldwide: Adobe Digital Index

by on May 23, 2014

Adobe Digital Index (ADI) has seen a worldwide “social buzz” ahead of the UEFA Champions League Final taking place this weekend in Portugal.

Whilst the derby is between two Spanish football teams, the match is picking-up much wider interest with 120 countries, out of 196 countries worldwide, contributing to the social buzz around the match. [more…]

Twitter Commerce : The future of social commerce: Shopping on Twitter, Pinterest and beyond

by on May 2, 2014


Research : Facebook is the marketer’s best friend, at least in the United Kingdom

by on April 21, 2014

Facebook is the marketer’s best friend, at least in the United Kingdom.

According to a survey of 171 UK social marketers, Facebook is the favored platform for social media campaign development and evaluation. The survey was conducted by the Social Media Council of the London-based Direct Marketing Assn. in September and the results were released this week.


Native in-stream ads will soon dominate social media advertising

by on April 16, 2014

BII native ad forecast

Depending on who you talk to, native advertising has many
definitions. In the context of social media, we define
native advertising as: Ads that are seamlessly integrated
into a user's feed and are nearly indistinguishable from organic content.


Nine tips for offering exceptional customer service on social media / Tracy Foster, founder, ONA

by on April 10, 2014

From Forbes : Here are nine tips for offering exceptional customer service via social media:

No matter how prominently you display your customer service email address or phone number, customers are still likely to ask questions, share success stories, or file complaints on your social media channels.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, or Pinterest, consumers are interacting more and more frequently with brands via social media. Even if your marketing team and your customer service team don’t currently overlap, incorporating customer service best practices into your social media strategy is essential. 


Women for Women : Want to win the favour of women – then go to the social hubs where female audiences hang out

by on February 27, 2014

A helpful free book by Insights in Marketing . The book Getting Women to Buy: Better Insights to Transform your Marketing, helps marketers decode the personalities of women buyers by organizing them into five categories or prototypes who adhere to certain predictable buying codes.

Chris Holt writes ... Women wield considerable buying power across all categories of goods, and analysts predict they could collectively spend $7 trillion annually by 2020. For those who are not effectively marketing to women, it means they will lose out on opportunities for revenue and growth.

Insights in Marketing found that women are unsatisfied with how many companies pitch their goods to them. Businesses who want to win the favour of women must learn to go to the social hubs where female audiences hang out and master the behavioral protocols to entice those women to become fervent brand ambassadors.


What percentage of Pinterest users are women? / 26 very Pinteresting stats

by on February 20, 2014

26 very Pinteresting stats

The answer to the headline question is 80%. This infographic from DashBurst gives great insight into the user base, behavior patterns, and background of Pinterest, a wildly popular and primarily visual social network  Read ON


Shazam® / Watch exclusive Bruno Mars Tour video, download exclusive music, replay and share all ads

by on February 1, 2014

Shazam: the app that calls the tune

Shazam® have unveiled its mobile experience for this Sunday’s Big Game broadcast, including exclusive free downloads and a new timeline feature that means fans won’t miss a minute of the broadcast. And, for the first time ever, Shazam will recognize all the ads, making it easy for viewers to watch their favorites again and share them on social media.

Note only available to consumers in the US

For further information about Shazam Entertainment visit and @ShazamNews.  You can also follow us on Facebook or Google+.  For daily music updates follow the Shazam Blog and @Shazam.


“Sneak Peek” of its new, interest-based homepage from Pinterest

by on January 28, 2014

Last week, we spotted what appeared to be a test of a personalized Pinterest homepage in the wild. At the time, the company declined to provide further comment on the matter, but today that changes: Pinterest is officially announcing a sneak preview of its new “Interests” page, designed to highlight items that match your own personal tastes.