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Blunders : A badly executed new website launch and a definite image blunder from the National Lottery

I checked my potential winnings from the National Lottery on their site this late August Sunday morning.  It was, as usual a lost cause.

However I was also ‘hit’ squarely with a series of excuses which in my language add up to a badly executed website change over and a big image blunder from the National Lottery.

Read on and you will see a series of things you cannot do until, as they quote ‘the new site will be up soon’

Here is their message early Sunday morning on the 31st of August 2014

I placed a black ‘death notice’ around this extract.   It deserves this treatment when you look at the following loose statements. They show a very ‘woolly’ unprepared approach to what must have been a major exercise.

  • Does ‘ late on Monday’ probably mean slippage to later in the week. Any bets it will miss Tuesday?
  • You won’t be able to play games or Sign In to your account until the new site launches. The first of the things you cannot do.
  • You will be unable to Sign In to your account to check how much you’ve won until the site is back up and running. More cannot do.
  • We’re sorry for the disruption, but all will be revealed on the new site soon. Notice it is now changed to soon – not late on Monday.
  • Is there any significance to the capital S being used in Sign in? Is it a code of some description?

Would it not have been better business to make this change mid week. It would appear to be locked into an arbitrary target date of September 1st

We’re going undercover is their heading. They are certainly going under cover with any positive news about their new site. Also the negative connotation of ‘ being undercover’ does not sit well with a gambling exercise. Loose woolly thinking once more.

I would have expected a more can do approach to this new site communication . Not a ‘Service not currently available’ one.  What about some ‘tasters’ of the benefits of the new site rather than the negativity?

All in all – a marketing / communication blunder from this major player.