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How the web changed the way we compete with each other

by on March 20, 2018 in FaceBook, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Social Media, Twitter

How the web changed the way we compete with each other

Since the start of the digital age the Internet has made great impact on various spheres of human life.

Today many people wouldn’t be able to image their lives without the Internet, computers and mobile devices. This shows just how vital the web has become in our everyday lives.

Some of the biggest changes that can be noticed are in the way we communicate, the way business is done, how marketing has changed, the availability of information and so on. However, the impact of the web is so strong that it has changed many social spheres of life and how we behave.

Human beings have always been competitive. Since ancient times we have always tried to compete and be better at something than our opponents. No matter if we are talking about sports, knowledge, science or style. So, let’s see how the web has affected this aspect of our lives and manifested online.

Gaming and eSports

After the first multiplayer game was released, we found yet another way to compete. Soon enough, people started becoming better and better at video games, while the games themselves became more complex and skill-based so that the competition could be even more exciting.

All of this has led to the formation of gaming teams, sponsors, leagues and official tournaments where professional gamers go against each other to get lucrative rewards and respect in their communities. eSports are now a real thing and they are global, as players from all around the world compete against each other all thanks to the Internet.

The Internet has allowed the best players in games to find their teams, break out onto the scene and become a part of professional eSports events. It has taken the gaming competition to a whole new level, where people can even pursue careers and make money.

Classic games in the online environment

As we all know, there were lots of great games even before the Internet. A lot of those games have latter been re-released for online gaming or simply adjusted. Even games that aren’t traditionally digital have been released in digital formats and these versions offer many benefits to players.

For example, you can now easily find online casino games in the UK, and slot machines of course. Additionally, these games were improved and now have added competitive value. Today, all games allow players to keep track of their high scores and achievements. In most cases, these results can be shared with friends and other players and every player can showcase their skill and achievements.

Classic games also have progress and tokens that players collect. Through them they receive ranks based on which others can determine how good of a player they are. All of this indicates how competitive games are today and how important it is to be good at them.

Work and competition

As we mentioned earlier, business and work in general is one of the spheres that has been most affected by the adoption of the Internet worldwide. There are many people that work or find jobs online, and even if they don’t, what they do online can greatly affect these things.

The digital world has opened up so many possibilities. People have online portfolios, blogs, websites, and profiles on professional social networks where they can show off their skills and compete for jobs. This is nothing new, as people have always competed for work, but now there are even more places where they can do this.

Additionally, there are many online contests, skill tests, and job platforms where people compete to get rewards, recognition or simply find employment.

Social media attention competitiveness

Social media platforms have probably had the most effect on people, as we now spend most of our time on social networks online. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are very popular and people spend hours on them each day. They use these social networks for various reasons, but it’s a fact that they use them to get attention and compete with each other in a social sense.

People have always wanted to be popular and accepted in their society and social media has only given them a bigger stage where they can achieve this. Some might disagree with this, but we leave this discussion for another time. Every day, people compete with each other by posting their thoughts, conclusions, selfies, and achievements on social media.

Social media sites have become a fighting ground where people try to boost their web presence and become popular; there are plenty of examples of those who became famous through social media. Today, we have influencers, people who have a lot of followers on social networks and their audience listens to them, and through this power they are able to promote companies, products and services to make money.

As you can see, the World Wide Web has affected the way we compete in many ways. Still, human nature remains the same and the Internet has only given us more tools to compete with and options to compete on, which we take advantage of every day.

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