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Ebuzzing & Teads join OpenVV to support video ad industry drive for greater viewability and transparency

Ebuzzing & Teads today announces it is has joined OpenVV, an industry consortium which aims to promote transparency and trust within the online video advertising industry.

OpenVV is an initiative dedicated to ensuring online video adverts are delivered in a manner that is viewable for their target audience, something that Ebuzzing & @Teads holds at the core of their company. As part of joining the consortium, @Ebuzzing & Teads will soon implement the OpenVV technology across all its formats and report Open VV viewability statistics in its dashboard.

Open VV is a single open-source technology for measuring ad viewability, aligned with commonly agreed upon industry standards and exposed to broad technical review. The technology is distributed openly, free of cost.

By signing up to OpenVV, Ebuzzing & Teads are supporting the campaign for the creation of a common technology for measuring the viewability of digital video advertising. The OpenVV technology will be able to address the issues of transparency and fraud surrounding the video advertising industry, resulting in a stronger industry. By agreeing a common measurement standard, online video advertising will be able to guarantee viewability in a way which has never been produced in any other media channel, including television.

Making advertising viewable by design

Pierre Chappaz, Chairman and Group CEO, said: “Working together as an industry to create common standards to measure the viewability and the impact of video ads is the way forward. This is why we are delighted to be joining the OpenVV to do this and look forward to giving our advertisers even more data and information about the effectiveness of their campaigns. However, addressing viewability through more effective measurement is only part of the solution. We also need to move towards making advertising viewable by design – that means innovating with new ‘outstream’ formats and ads which consumers choose rather than are forced to watch.”

Ebuzzing & Teads will be joining OpenVV founding members TubeMogul, BrightRoll, Innovid, LiveRail and SpotXchange. Together they will lobby the industry to ensure measurement of viewability is fair and accurate.

About Ebuzzing  & Teads

Ebuzzing & Teads is a global technology group which specializes in creating innovative video advertising inventory at scale and automates transactions between buyers and sellers.

The group invented the concept of ‘outstream’ video. Outstream formats distribute video advertising within all types of content (text, pictures, paywalls etc).

Ebuzzing & Teads own two companies with complementary offerings, enabling the group to cover all its clients’ needs and reinforce its strategic assets.

Ebuzzing is a video ad network which distributes video advertising on a global scale for the world’s leading brands. The company is currently present in the US, LatAm, Europe and Asia. Ebuzzing rolls out branding, engagement and social campaigns across its global network of 40,000 publishers, social influencers and apps, leveraging its platform and focusing on innovative formats, contextual targeting and advanced analytics.

Teads is the industry’s most advanced video SSP (Supply Side Platform). It allows premium publishers to create extensive video advertising inventory, monetize their sites using instream and outstream advertising and optimize revenues and placement fill-rates thanks to yield management features.