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Events : Book now for the 8th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Summit

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The 8th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Summit,

Wednesday 7th June 2017, Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

The future of retail is not how many stores you have, but how many customers you serve.

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In a digital landscape where the consumer is always a few clicks away from your nearest competitor or abandoning their basket, retailers need every tool in their arsenal to make sure they win that sale. Inspiring loyalty can be more difficult, yet more necessary, than ever. Prudent retailers therefore aim to make customer retention critical to the business.

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The winners in retail will be those that can reinvent convenience – help customers to choose their product rather than being sold to by enabling to purchase in one easy one click. Successful retailers are constantly adapting their in-store practices to address changing consumer behaviour.

Understanding how consumers and shopping have changed

  • Consumers’ relationships with brands are shifting – how that is driving the rapidly changing retail landscape?
  • Is customer experience set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiators by 2020?
  • There has rarely been a better time for ecommerce brands to deliver superior experiences – but are they doing enough?
  • Effortlessly blending in with each new neighbourhood – why retail concepts must provide brands with the ability to behave like a chameleon

Developing your omnichannel proposition – a crucial single view of the customer capability

  • Increase engagement with customers across different product divisions and touchpoints
  • Establish metrics for understanding the retailer’s relationship with customers across all channels
  • Ensure fluidity and visibility between channels to better integrate the role of the store in omnichannel shopping experiences
  • Customers are looking for a connected integrated experience both inside and outside the store – improve the experience you give to customers
  • Creating a true omnichannel model – utilise insights to help deliver a consistent and seamless customer experience across all channels

Accenture predicts that retail will change more in the next 5 years than it has during the last 100 years. Much of this change will centre on the role of the store and whether, in fact, retail will take place in a store at all.

Building loyalty – reacting to customers more effectively and strengthening your brand

  • Discover how retailers approach loyalty today – what strategies are truly more successful and which should be avoided?
  • Redefine loyalty – shiftin from buying and selling, to showing and telling, and offer mementoes instead of merchandise
  • Analyse which methods offer the most potential for increasing customer satisfaction and retention

58% of men and 52% of women avoid purchasing again from sites where the experience has been poor (Research from OnePoll).

Putting customers in the driving seat – focusing on improving customer experience through data and personalisation

  • Your customer is changing – they want to see value, relevancy and true personalisation in all of your communications
  • How to combine creativity, data and technology to create the ideal conditions for customer engagement
  • Understand the importance and value of data collection
  • What you can learn from other retailers or brands that have used innovation and technology

By 21% of shoppers are more likely to purchase again from brands that do more to personalise their digital experience (The Reimagining Commerce study by Episerver).

Customer engagement is an emotional, living and breathing ecosystem that demands your attention, rewards your consumer’s emotional investment when well executed, and offers long-lasting returns that benefit both parties. Increase the lifetime value and engagement of your customers for the business by hearing the expert view on the strategy and tactics needed for successful customer engagement.

Attend The Retail Bulletin’s 8th Customer Engagement Summit 2017 to hear the trailblazers showcase the ways in which leading retailers have utilised their store environments – to increase brand awareness, enhance customer journey and experience, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

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