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Can TV sponsorship solve the problem of ad blocking? : VCCP’s Media Simon White

by on November 8, 2017 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets

VCCP Media’s Simon White wonders whether TV sponsorship can solve the problems of ad-blocking, brand safety, visibility and ad avoidance all in one neat package.
Today, the world of media has found itself at a strange crossroad. While technology has allowed us to monitor and analyse consumers better, it has also brought with it a cloud of doubt that surrounds debates on measurability, accountability and brand safety.

But fear not, in these paradoxical times where progress and uncertainty are working alongside each other, there’s a tried and tested media solution. A solution which has had somewhat of a revival over the last few years, and is standing very comfortably and confidently amongst its more wobbly peers – sponsorship.

This year, across ITV, C4 and Sky, over 230 sponsorships have already been active, and the market size is expected to match 2016’s figure of £200m net. This is no mean feat given the serious lack of big sporting events this year, and the fact that the TV market as a whole is down 9% so far.

This boom in popularity can largely be attributed to the glut of technology in our houses. Over 60% of us have a set-top box and, more importantly, over 20% of all shows viewed are time shifted. This has opened up something of a golden opportunity for sponsorship, whereby bumpers are used as signposts, telling consumers when their show is about to restart.

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